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Webinars On Demand

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If you missed a live training event, or if you just want a refresher, you can download or stream our previous webinars. Our free content is a modern and versatile training solution, that allows you to learn your technology at your own pace and do it when and wherever you want.

If you’re an educator, please download and take advantage of our supplemental resource materials. They reinforce concepts discussed during the webinar. Use them to generate ideas for the classroom and add to your growing list of resources.

Scroll through the page to see a list of archived webinars. After selecting a webinar, you’ll find links for recordings and other items. Select the MP3 to stream audio of the webinar. Select the MP4 to watch the recorded webinar. Select the resource link to download supplemental material, which is available in Word or PDF format.

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Google Sheets and JAWS

Archived on November 7, 2019

Google Docs and JAWS

Archived on October 10, 2019

Skype 8 and JAWS, Stay in Touch

Archived on September 30, 2019

FS Skill Building and Review, Surfing with Chrome

Archived on September 19, 2019

Google Chrome and JAWS

Archived on September 5, 2019

Microsoft Outlook with JAWS

Archived on August 1, 2019

JAWS and Zoom, a Lesson on Learning

Archived on July 30, 2019

Microsoft Excel with JAWS Webinar

Archived on June 6, 2019

Microsoft PowerPoint with JAWS Webinar

Archived on May 2, 2019

Microsoft Word with JAWS Webinar

Archived on April 4, 2019

Getting to Know ZoomText

Archived on March 7, 2019

Getting to Know Fusion

Archived on February 21, 2019

Getting to Know JAWS

Archived on February 7, 2019

Windows 10 and JAWS

Archived on December 14, 2018

Office 365

Archived on July 26, 2017

Introducing FSReader 3.0

Archived on April 8, 2015