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Hosting a Zoom Meeting with JAWS

October 20, 2022

Want to know how to navigate the Zoom interface more efficiently with JAWS?¬†Need help scheduling and managing meetings? Join Liz, Cathy, and Rachel for “Hosting a Zoom Meeting with JAWS.”

About Zoom

The Zoom conferencing solution is used globally for classes, webinars, and meetings. Navigate the application interface and manage meetings using keyboard commands. Plus, use the integrated JAWS scripts to manage alerts more efficiently.


We’ll provide an overview of the Zoom interface, plus discuss commonly used Zoom settings and features. You’ll learn how to:

  • Manage alerts
  • Discuss sound splitting feature
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Manage participants
  • Navigate the chat
  • Share a file in the chat
  • Share your screen

Hosting a Zoom Meeting with JAWS (MP3)
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Hosting a Zoom Meeting with JAWS (MP4)