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Celebrating Braille at Work and School

January 28, 2021

As Braille Literacy Month comes to a close, we want to share a story about the integral role braille plays at home, in school, and in the workplace. Marco Midon serves as Project Manager for NASA’s Space Weather Follow On Antenna Network (SWFO.) This spacecraft, which is set to launch in 2025, is designed to monitor the weather in space.

Marco, who is blind, regularly uses braille to perform high level math and other work-related tasks. Before losing his vision, he needed a way to solve math equations quickly and efficiently to work in the field of engineering.

To learn more about Marco and how he uses braille for work, school, and home, stream or download the MP3 below.

Celebrating Braille Literacy at Work and School (MP3)
Note: If you would like to save the MP3 and listen to it later, select the link to start the MP3 and then press CTRL+S.