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Introducing JAWS, Zoomtext and Fusion 2021 Beta. Learn more.

Introducing JAWS, Zoomtext and Fusion 2021 Beta. Learn more.

Introducing the 5th Generation Focus 80 Blue Braille Display. Learn more.

Focus 80 Blue 5th Generation Braille Display, Learn more

Topaz Ultra is a portable magnifier with a unique folding design, making it extremely easy to take with you wherever you go.

Topaz Ultra, Learn More


For over 20 years Freedom Scientific has provided access to print and computers for individuals with blindness and low vision. Our innovative technology is designed to promote independence, allowing blind and low vision individuals the same access to information as their sighted peers. Our team is passionate about what we do and committed to the communities that we serve.

Software Solutions

Freedom Scientific provides software solutions for blind and low vision needs. Whether you are looking for a screen reader, like our world renowned JAWS software or a magnification software such as ZoomText, we have a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs. We are dedicated to providing the best software to provide accessibility tools for work and home.

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Low Vision Solutions

Freedom Scientific offers a wide range of powerful desktop and portable video magnifiers designed for people with low vision conditions. Our magnifiers are made to help with all types of daily activities. Discover the freedom of independently reading and viewing the details that matter with any of our powerful low vision magnifiers.

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Blindness Solutions

With a wide range of refreshable braille displays, we offer many options to fit your needs. Engineered for portability ruggedness and ease of use, our line of Focus braille displays are lightweight, full-featured and designed to fit the needs of your busy lifestyle.

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