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The Freedom Scientific Training department conducts training events every month. We’ll teach you the basics of our products and even show you a few tricks to try with Fusion, JAWS, and ZoomText. Webinars are normally held on the third Thursday of the month at noon Eastern time.

Check out the schedule below and sign up for a future lesson. And don’t forget our archives where you can listen to past training events and download reference material to further your learning.

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New JAWS Braille Features for Multilingual Users

October 28, 2021

Join us on Thursday, October 28 at 10 AM Eastern time for a discussion of the new braille features available in JAWS 2022 for multilingual users.

We will review the following in this session:

  • Configuring braille language profiles
  • Selecting the languages important to you
  • Switching between languages from the braille display
  • Toggling between contracted and computer braille from the braille display
  • Migration of braille settings
  • The option to have the braille input language always match the keyboard language
  • The option to automatically switch braille tables based on the language of the text being read

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Meet the RUBY 10 Video Magnifier–A Versatile, Low Vision Solution for Everyday Living Activities

November 11, 2021

Our RUBY video magnifiers have become some of the most popular low vision products on the market today, and we’re so excited to announce the newest addition: the RUBY 10!

The RUBY 10 video magnifier features a large, 10-inch touchscreen display and three dedicated cameras to help you with your everyday tasks. Use the RUBY to magnify magazines, photos, letters, labels, and other fine print.

A swing-out arm allows you to view items in your hand and write. Enable full-page OCR on the speech model when the arm is extended. With a touch of a button, you can scan pages and have them read aloud to you.

The third camera is dedicated to seeing objects at a short distance, such as signs and menus on a wall.

Join Mike Wood and Michelle Williams on Thursday, November 11 at noon Eastern time as they introduce the RUBY 10 and demonstrate its ease of use and unique viewing modes. For example:

  • ColorSight +™ is a feature that addresses color blindness by shifting specific colors to assist color differentiation in real-time.
  • GlareGuard™ attempts to maximize comfort during long-term use by minimizing pain from light sensitivity. This feature reduces the wavelengths of light associated with such pain.
  • EdgeScribe™ edge enhancement modes attempt to improve object recognition by removing visual clutter.
  • Aptiview™ adjusts the contrast in different parts of the image, which could improve the viewing experience in more lighting conditions than previously possible.

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ACVREP credits will be available for those who attend the live webinar.

All attendees over 18 years of age and living in the U.S. will have an opportunity to win a RUBY HD handheld magnifier. One lucky attendee will be selected and notified via email after the webinar.

Fusion Suite 2022 with Eric Damery and Ben Knolles!

November 18, 2021

Want to learn about all the new features and enhancements in Fusion Suite 2022? Join us Thursday, November 18 at Noon Eastern time for a live webinar, “Fusion Suite 2022 with Eric Damery and Ben Knolles.”

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Windows 11 and JAWS

Download available by December 31, 2021

Curious about navigating Windows 11 with JAWS? Stream or download this pre-recorded training, “Windows 11 and JAWS.”