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The Freedom Scientific Training department conducts training events every month. We’ll teach you the basics of our products and even show you a few tricks to try with Fusion, JAWS, and ZoomText. Webinars are normally held on the third Thursday of the month at 12 PM Eastern Time.

Check out the schedule below and sign up for a future lesson. And don’t forget our archives where you can listen to past training events and download reference material to further your learning.

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An Introduction to Technology for Teachers of Blind or Low Vision Students

August 20, 2020

Are you a teacher of the visually impaired or an assistive technology instructor? Need training that will help you gain an understanding of the technology and software your students use every day? Register for our live webinar, “An Introduction to Technology for Teachers of Blind or Low Vision Students.”

We’ll introduce you to new content created just for you, plus tell you how and where to access it.

This training provides:

  • Access to a wealth of training material you can use to acquire the skills needed to help your students
  • Short task-based instructional modules for learning or reviewing assistive technology

Register now for An Introduction to Technology for Teachers of Blind or Low Vision Students.

ElBraille! What It Is and What It Does!

Download available by August 31, 2020.

Are you looking for a portable solution that combines the flexibility of a mainstream Windows 10 computer with the ultimate accessibility options? Want to learn more about a compact device that includes the JAWS screen reader, Focus braille display, and a braille keyboard? Stream or download our training, “ElBraille! What It Is and What It Does!”

We’ll provide:

  • An overview of the ElBraille and its features
  • Benefits of running Windows applications on a portable device
  • Information for users who already own a Focus display and/or current JAWS license
  • An overview of how to perform JAWS and Windows commands directly from the Focus display’s braille keyboard
  • Information on docking and undocking the Focus display with the ElBraille
  • How the ElBraille can benefit your students in the classroom and at home