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Welcome to e-Learning from Freedom Scientific. Learn to use JAWS® screen reading software, MAGic® screen magnification software, PAC Mate Omni™ accessible Pocket PC, and more from the convenience of your home or office.

Webinar Schedule at a Glance

  • PDF Document Reading and Strategies with JAWS and MAGic, May 1 and 2, free
  • Outlook 2013 with JAWS, May 22, 27, and 29, $29
  • Excel 2013 with JAWS, June 12, 17, and 19, $29
  • PowerPoint 2013 with JAWS, July 10, 15, and 17, $29

Choose one of the following links to learn more or register for these Webinars:

Features and Benefits of Online Learning from Freedom Scientific

Features Benefits
Work from school, home, or your office No travel expenses
Average length, one hour lessons Easy to get approval to learn at work; easy to find time from home or school
Archived lessons All lessons can be reviewed at your convenience, 24 hours a day. You can miss lessons if something else prevents your attendance, and then catch up later using the archives. You can even join a multi-part Webinar that may have begun earlier by reviewing the prior lessons before joining the Webinar already in progress.
Expert trainers You get the best training available. The trainers at Freedom Scientific are uniquely qualified to understand and present the training because they are part of the team involved in development of the software and hardware that is used in the training.

Log On Instructions for Using the Webinar Software

Download the Webinar Conference Software Plug-In

A small Webinar conference plug-in is required for first-time users before you log on. Once the Webinar conference software plug-in is installed, choose the register link for the session you want to attend. An e-mail with logon instructions will be sent out to all attendees.

Screen Reader User Information

Choose this link to learn more about how to use JAWS with the Webinar conference software. On this page you'll also find a table of keystrokes, including those built-in to the Webinar software as well as JAWS-specific keystrokes for the conference room.

Scripts are now included in JAWS 10.0.1139 and later and MAGic 12.0 and later to enhance the experience of using the Webinar conference software.

Webinar Testimonials

Freedom Scientific products have helped people worldwide to achieve their goals.

"You never know when a student is going to come in needing support for JAWS. These webinars saved me! After a month of weekly training online, I was able to walk students through the basics."
- Daniel Welz, Instructional Assistant
  Sacramento City College - Disability Resource Center

Do you want to share a success story involving our Webinars? Do you use our Webinars for an effective or unique purpose? We would love to hear from you. Submit your comments too.

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The Freedom Scientific Training Department
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