Fusion Training

Getting Started with Fusion

Have you just installed your brand new copy of Fusion on your Windows computer? Our Basic Training will help get you up and running with this powerful screen magnification and screen reader combination.

Fusion Getting Started

Fusion Videos

Check out and subscribe to the Freedom Scientific Training YouTube channel. Our videos offer quick tips and hints for both new and experienced Fusion users. Watch a video to learn something new or refresh your skills.

Fusion FAQs

Need help accessing a particular feature of Fusion? Want to get more out of your user experience? Check out our Fusion training FAQs for answers to your burning questions.

Fusion FAQs

Fusion, the Ultimate Accessibility Tool

Fusion combines two of the best vision accessibility tools available – ZoomText Magnifier/Reader and JAWS for Windows screen reader – into a single installation.

Need more information on how to use the visual aspects of Fusion? We’ve compiled a trove of ZoomText resources to get you started and answer your most pressing ZoomText questions. To learn more, visit our ZoomText Training Resources.

From experienced JAWS users who are just venturing into a world of magnification with their residual vision, to beginners who have never used speech; our JAWS training covers it all. Once you’ve mastered the visual aspects of Fusion, visit our JAWS Training Resources to learn more and continue harnessing the power of Fusion.

Fusion Hotkeys

Fusion uses a combination of ZoomText magnification hotkeys and JAWS screen reading hotkeys to control magnification and speech.

Fusion Hotkeys