Getting Started with Fusion

Welcome to your new software. Now that Fusion has been successfully installed on your computer, it’s time to take a look at its features and powerful user interface to see what all it can do.

Launching Fusion

There are a few different ways to launch Fusion: from the desktop, from the run dialog box or by using a hotkey. The method is up to you, but here are tips for all three.

Launching Fusion from the Desktop

When Fusion is installed, a Fusion shortcut is placed on your desktop.

Fusion shortcut

You can activate it using a left mouse double-click, or by navigating there with the keyboard and then pressing ENTER. Once Fusion is launched, both magnification and speech run simultaneously, and the Fusion user interface is displayed.

Launching Fusion from the Run Dialog Box

You can easily launch Fusion from the Run dialog box. Using the keyboard, press WINDOWS Key+R to open run. Type FusionVer#, where Ver# is the Fusion version number, for example, Fusion2019, and press ENTER to launch the application.

Starting Fusion using the Run dialog box

Launching Fusion When Windows Starts

Once Fusion is running, you can enable and disable the Start Fusion automatically when Windows starts option in Program Preferences. To do this, select the Fusion menu > Preferences > Program > Start Fusion Automatically when Windows starts.

The Fusion User Interface

The Fusion user interface is displayed in a separate window when Fusion is launched and gives you quick access to a variety of magnification and speech options. You can easily adjust magnification level, and quickly set color, pointer, cursor and focus enhancements.

Fusion user interface

The Fusion user interface also includes the Fusion menu, magnifier tab, reader tab and tools tab for your convenience.

Using Speech with Fusion

When you first launch Fusion, speech is on by default. Toggle speech on or off using the Voice button on the Reader tab of the Fusion toolbar.

Voice button shown on the Fusion Reader tab

Quickly adjust the voice rate by clicking the Rate box arrows.

Voice Rate box shown on the Fusion Reader tab

Fusion FAQs

Need help accessing a particular feature of Fusion? Want to get more out of your user experience? Check out our Fusion FAQs for answers to your burning questions.