Vocalizer Direct Voices

Use this page to download one or more Nuance® Vocalizer™ Direct voices that work exclusively with JAWS 14 or later and MAGic 12.0.4069 or later. Vocalizer Direct offers many benefits including improved performance, especially in the areas of latency and speech quality, as well as support for more languages such as Hungarian and Thai. These voices are available at no charge and will also work with demo versions of JAWS 14 or later and MAGic 12.0.4069 or later.

Each voice can be downloaded as high premium or premium. The high premium voices are large files, but offer the highest quality speech. The premium voices offer very good speech quality and a smaller file size. Both high premium and premium versions of a voice can be installed on the same computer so they can be compared.

Choose any sample link below to hear a brief demonstration of that voice. To do this, press H to move to a level 2 heading for a language (for example, English, Spanish, French), and then press TAB to move to the different voice samples. If you like the voice and you want to use it, press DOWN ARROW to move to the high premium or premium download link, and then press ENTER. The installation will begin, the voice files will be placed in the proper location on your computer, and the voice will be configured for use with your Freedom Scientific product.

Note: An MP3 file plays when you select a Sample link. It may take a moment for your media player to launch the file. If using Firefox, you may need to download a plug-in for your default media player. If your media player does not open in a separate window, press ALT+LEFT ARROW or the Back button to return to this page.

Note: If your corporate firewall prevents you from downloading the Vocalizer Direct files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), use the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) links instead.


Australian flag

Australian English

Karen Premium High

Karen Premium High. Sample voice

Karen Premium High. Download voice   358 MB

Karen Premium

Karen Premium. Download voice   110 MB

Lee Premium High

Lee Premium High. Sample voice

Lee Premium High. Download voice   270 MB

Lee Premium

Lee Premium. Download voice   83.9 MB

British flag

British English

Daniel Premium High

Daniel Premium High. Sample voice

Daniel Premium High. Download voice   330 MB

Daniel Premium

Daniel Premium. Download voice   101 MB

Serena Premium High

Serena Premium High. Sample voice

Serena Premium High. Download voice   169 MB

Serena Premium

Serena Premium. Download voice   56.7 MB

Indian flag

Indian English

Sangeeta Premium High

Sangeeta Premium High. Sample voice

Sangeeta Premium High. Download voice   301 MB

Sangeeta Premium

Sangeeta Premium. Download voice   95.7 MB

Irish flag

Irish English

Moira Premium High

Moira Premium High. Sample voice

Moira Premium High. Download voice   317 MB

Moira Premium

Moira Premium. Download voice   102 MB

Scottish flag

Scottish English

Fiona Premium High

Fiona Premium High. Sample voice

Fiona Premium High. Download voice   181 MB

Fiona Premium

Fiona Premium. Download voice   62 MB

South African flag

South African English

Tessa Premium High

Tessa Premium High. Sample voice

Tessa Premium High. Download voice   335 MB

Tessa Premium

Tessa Premium. Download voice   103 MB

United States flag

United States English

Jill Premium High

Jill Premium High. Sample voice

Jill Premium High. Download voice   248 MB

Jill Premium

Jill Premium. Download voice   78.3 MB

Samantha Premium High

Samantha Premium High. Sample voice

Samantha Premium High. Download voice   390 MB

Samantha Premium

Samantha Premium. Download voice   120 MB

Tom Premium High

Tom Premium High. Sample voice

Tom Premium High. Download voice   372 MB

Tom Premium

Tom Premium. Download voice   115 MB


Spanish flag


Diego Premium High

Diego Premium High. Sample voice

Diego Premium High. Download voice   175 MB

Diego Premium

Diego Premium. Download voice   56.1 MB

Monica Premium High

Monica Premium High. Sample voice

Monica Premium High. Download voice   339 MB

Monica Premium

Monica Premium. Download voice   100 MB

Latin America map

Latin American

Javier Premium High

Javier Premium High. Sample voice

Javier Premium High. Download voice   221 MB

Javier Premium

Javier Premium. Download voice   68.8 MB

Paulina Premium High

Paulina Premium High. Sample voice

Paulina Premium High. Download voice   326 MB

Paulina Premium

Paulina Premium. Download voice   97.5 MB

French flag


Audrey Premium High

Audrey Premium High. Sample voice

Audrey Premium High. Download voice   334 MB

Audrey Premium

Audrey Premium. Download voice   101 MB

Thomas Premium High

Thomas Premium High. Sample voice

Thomas Premium High. Download voice   353 MB

Thomas Premium

Thomas Premium. Download voice   106 MB

Virginie Premium High

Virginie Premium High. Sample voice

Virginie Premium High. Download voice   221 MB

Virginie Premium

Virginie Premium. Download voice   72.6 MB

Canadian flag

French Canadian

Felix Premium High

Felix Premium High. Sample voice

Felix Premium High. Download voice   258 MB

Felix Premium

Felix Premium. Download voice   81.2 MB

Julie Premium High

Julie Premium High. Sample voice

Julie Premium High. Download voice   163 MB

Julie Premium

Julie Premium. Download voice   52 MB

Basque flag


Arantxa Premium High

Arantxa Premium High. Download voice   265 MB

Arantxa Premium

Arantxa Premium. Download voice   82.4 MB

Catalan flag


Nuria Premium High

Nuria Premium High. Download voice   408 MB

Nuria Premium

Nuria Premium. Download voice   124 MB


Chinese flagHong Kong flag


Sin-Ji Premium High

Sin-Ji Premium High. Download voice   264 MB

Sin-Ji Premium

Sin-Ji Premium. Download voice   81.9 MB

Chinese flag


Ting-Ting Premium High

Ting-Ting Premium High. Download voice   513 MB

Ting-Ting Premium

Ting-Ting Premium. Download voice   155 MB

Ya-Ling Premium High

Ya-Ling Premium High. Download voice   362 MB

Ya-Ling Premium

Ya-Ling Premium. Download voice   107 MB

Czech Republic flag


Zuzana Premium High

Zuzana Premium High. Download voice   307 MB

Zuzana Premium

Zuzana Premium. Download voice   92.1 MB

Danish flag


Ida Premium High

Ida Premium High. Download voice   215 MB

Ida Premium

Ida Premium. Download voice   65.9 MB

Dutch flag


Claire Premium High

Claire Premium High. Sample voice

Claire Premium High. Download voice   439 MB

Claire Premium

Claire Premium. Download voice   134 MB

Xander Premium High

Xander Premium High. Sample voice

Xander Premium High. Download voice   401 MB

Xander Premium

Xander Premium. Download voice   123 MB

Belgian flag

Belgian Dutch

Ellen Premium High

Ellen Premium High. Sample voice

Ellen Premium High. Download voice   118 MB

Ellen Premium

Ellen Premium. Download voice   40.6 MB

Finnish flag


Mikko Premium High

Mikko Premium High. Download voice   686 MB

Mikko Premium

Mikko Premium. Download voice   212 MB

German flag


Anna Premium High

Anna Premium High. Sample voice

Anna Premium High. Download voice   500 MB

Anna Premium

Anna Premium. Download voice   149 MB

Steffi Premium High

Steffi Premium High. Sample voice

Steffi Premium High. Download voice   170 MB

Steffi Premium

Steffi Premium. Download voice   55.2 MB

Yannick Premium High

Yannick Premium High. Sample voice

Yannick Premium High. Download voice   343 MB

Yannick Premium

Yannick Premium. Download voice   105 MB

Greek flag


Alexandros Premium High

Alexandros Premium High. Download voice   160 MB

Alexandros Premium

Alexandros Premium. Download voice   51.2 MB

Melina Premium High

Melina Premium High. Download voice   515 MB

Melina Premium

Melina Premium. Download voice   154 MB

Indian flag


Lekha Premium High

Lekha Premium High. Download voice   238 MB

Lekha Premium

Lekha Premium. Download voice   73.5 MB

Hungarian flag


Eszter Premium High

Eszter Premium High. Sample voice

Eszter Premium High. Download voice   350 MB

Eszter Premium

Eszter Premium. Download voice   107 MB

Indonesian flag


Damayanti Premium High

Damayanti Premium High. Download voice   265 MB

Damayanti Premium

Damayanti Premium. Download voice   82.5 MB

Italian flag


Alice Premium High

Alice Premium High. Sample voice

Alice Premium High. Download voice   253 MB

Alice Premium

Alice Premium. Download voice   77.3 MB

Paolo Premium High

Paolo Premium High. Sample voice

Paolo Premium High. Download voice   311 MB

Paolo Premium

Paolo Premium. Download voice   95.1 MB

Silvia Premium High

Silvia Premium High. Sample voice

Silvia Premium High. Download voice   278 MB

Silvia Premium

Silvia Premium. Download voice   87.5 MB

Japanese flag

Japanese – coming soon.

South Korean flag


Yuna Premium High

Yuna Premium High. Download voice   164 MB

Yuna Premium

Yuna Premium. Download voice   50.4 MB

Norwegian flag


Stine Premium High

Stine Premium High. Sample voice

Stine Premium High. Download voice   251 MB

Stine Premium

Stine Premium. Download voice   79.3 MB

Polish flag


Agata Premium High

Agata Premium High. Download voice   141 MB

Agata Premium

Agata Premium. Download voice   46 MB

Portuguese flag


Joana Premium High

Joana Premium High. Download voice   379 MB

Joana Premium

Joana Premium. Download voice   112 MB

Brazilian flag


Raquel Premium High

Raquel Premium High. Download voice   123 MB

Raquel Premium

Raquel Premium. Download voice   40.2 MB

Romanian flag


Simona Premium High

Simona Premium High. Download voice   432 MB

Simona Premium

Simona Premium. Download voice   128 MB

Russian flag


Milena Premium High

Milena Premium High. Sample voice

Milena Premium High. Download voice   398 MB

Milena Premium

Milena Premium. Download voice   121 MB

Slovakian flag


Laura Premium High

Laura Premium High. Download voice   243 MB

Laura Premium

Laura Premium. Download voice   72.9 MB

Swedish flag


Alva Premium High

Alva Premium High. Sample voice

Alva Premium High. Download voice   401 MB

Alva Premium

Alva Premium. Download voice   123 MB

Oskar Premium High

Oskar Premium High. Sample voice

Oskar Premium High. Download voice   338 MB

Oskar Premium

Oskar Premium. Download voice   106 MB

Thai flag


Narisa Premium High

Narisa Premium High. Download voice   285 MB

Narisa Premium

Narisa Premium. Download voice   87.6 MB

Turkish flag


Aylin Premium High

Aylin Premium High. Download voice   192 MB

Aylin Premium

Aylin Premium. Download voice   57.7 MB