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FREE Webinars

JAWS Tool Belt, May 29 to June 5, 2015

JAWS screen reading software is SO much more than just a screen reader! It includes several powerful tools that help make you more productive and efficient, whether your'e at home, school, or work.

Facebook with JAWS and MAGic, June 26 to July 31, 2015

Join us for this two-part Webinar series to learn more about using JAWS to access the Facebook website.

Target with JAWS and MAGic, July 1, 2015

The website has a variety of features that make online shopping using JAWS a positive experience. Topics in this lesson include searching for items, managing a shopping cart, and purchasing items in the cart. We also explore the features of specifically developed for screen reading software. Joining us is a member of the Target accessibility team as we discuss Target's commitment to an accessible online shopping experience.

Amazon with JAWS and MAGic, July 24, 2015

The website includes a variety of features which create a positive online shopping experience using JAWS. Topics in this lesson include searching for items, managing a shopping cart, and purchasing items in the cart. We also explore the features of specifically developed for screen reading software.

Google Docs with JAWS and MAGic, August 12 - 26, 2015

Join us in this webinar to learn how to use JAWS with Google Docs to create documents in the cloud. We also look at how braille works with Google Docs, keyboard commands, and more.

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PAID Webinars: Upcoming

Outlook 2013, Parts 1-3, June 18 - 25, 2015

By the end of this workshop you will understand, be able to discuss, and/or perform the following tasks as they relate to Outlook 2013 from the keyboard with JAWS and MAGic:

Excel 2013, Parts 1-3, July 30 to August 6, 2015

Learn to use JAWS and MAGic with Microsoft Excel 2013 in this three-part webinar. Each lesson is one and half hours.

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Training Downloads Page

The Training Downloads page is your one-stop source for finding many of the free DAISY and MP3 training materials we have available.

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Surf's Up Training

Surf's Up! - Surfing the Internet with JAWS and MAGic training has been updated to help instructors and students take advantage of new features. Surf's Up is a set of Freedom Scientific web pages that explain how to surf the web with JAWS screen reading software and MAGic screen magnification software. You'll also find many new and updated exercises for practice throughout. Visit Surf's Up online or get the Surf's Up downloadable version for use on computers with no Internet connection.

Accessibility and Usability

It is in everyone's best interest to create Web pages and other documents that are both accessible and easy to use. The easier a Web page or document is to use the more often customers will come back to your site. The faster someone can get their job done the better for everyone, whether that is doing research on the Web, filling out forms, or working on the job and getting every day tasks done.

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Hands-on Workshops and Other Training

Our instructor-led workshops will teach your trainers, key personnel, employees, or yourself how to effectively use our products. Our training workshops at your location or our Florida headquarters have no more than 10 or 12 students per class.

Hands-on Workshops

JAWS® Certification

The JAWS Certification program is an online knowledge-based exam for consultants, trainers, agency staff, and JAWS users. Its purpose is to:

  • Increase product knowledge
  • Expand your skills
  • Create awareness of the free training resources available within JAWS online
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JAWS Training Bundle

The JAWS Training Bundle, developed by the Freedom Scientific Training Department, contains over 50 hours of high-quality one-on-one JAWS training. The training was produced in audio format and uses the DAISY standard, which allows for easy navigation and bookmarking of the training material.

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