ZoomText FAQ

What is ZoomText?

ZoomText is screen magnification software for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It allows you to change screen colors and magnification levels, customize the mouse pointer and text cursor to make it easy to find them, and turn on a focus rectangle to help you track where you are on the screen. Additionally, ZoomText is available with some basic speech features for reading documents, web pages, and email, as well as hearing what you are typing or what is under the mouse pointer.

Who is ZoomText for?

ZoomText is for any user with enough vision to see a computer screen, but requires extra visual enhancements to be able to more comfortably read screen content.

What operating systems does ZoomText work with?

ZoomText installs and works with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. Note that as Windows continues to change, new ZoomText features may not be available in older versions of Windows.

What versions of Microsoft Office does ZoomText support?

ZoomText works with Microsoft Office 365, or Microsoft Office 2016 and later. ZoomText also supports older versions of Office (2013 and 2010), however, there are no further enhancements coming for these older versions.

ZoomText has been tested to perform best with the latest Windows operating systems and software applications. As new versions of Freedom Scientific products are released, support for older software may not continue.

What web browsers does ZoomText work with?

ZoomText visually tracks as you navigate websites in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Support for Microsoft Edge is continuing to improve as well. Web pages are also read aloud if you have ZoomText Magnifier/Reader.

Does ZoomText read PDF documents?

Yes. ZoomText’s visual features work to help you navigate in PDF documents. If you have ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, the document will also be read aloud.

Can I read my email with ZoomText?

Yes. Special attention has gone into the design of ZoomText to make sure you have full access to email, especially with Microsoft Outlook from Office 365.

What is the difference between ZoomText Magnifier and ZoomText Magnifier/Reader?

ZoomText Magnifier contains all of the visual enhancements necessary to help make content on your computer screen easier to see. These include selection of the zoom level, zoom window types, screen enhancements, and navigation options. No speech feedback is available.

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader offers all of the features of ZoomText Magnifier with the addition of speech features including typing, mouse and program echo; the AppReader and Reading Zones tools, and the Text Cursor and commands for speaking certain items like the window title and the time or date.

Is ZoomText Magnifier/Reader intended to be a complete magnification and screen reading solution?

No. ZoomText Magnifier/Reader is still primarily for low vision users with some added speech functionality to help with certain tasks like reading documents and web pages, echoing your typing or mouse movement, and speaking other essential program activity. If your vision has deteriorated enough where you need more speech feedback than what is provided by ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, then you should check out Fusion which combines both ZoomText and JAWS for the best in screen magnification and screen reading functionality.

Where can I buy ZoomText?

ZoomText is available from Freedom Scientific or your local Freedom Scientific dealer. Visit the Dealer Locator page to find out who serves your area.

If I already own ZoomText, can I upgrade to ZoomText Magnifier/Reader or to Fusion?

Absolutely! Contact Freedom Scientific or your local dealer for details and to place your order.

Is ZoomText available in languages other than English?

ZoomText is available in many languages, some of which can be obtained from the Freedom Scientific downloads pages. Additional languages are also available directly from your local distributor in many countries.

Is a ZoomText demo available?

Yes, like other Freedom Scientific products, ZoomText can be installed and will work in a 40-minute mode. When that expires, reboot and it will work again in the same way. And, if an update comes out, it will alert you and allow it to update just as it does for licensed software.