Focus Blue Braille Display Training

Welcome to the Focus Blue Training page. The information here is intended to help teachers, new and experienced users, and anyone curious about using our current line of Focus Blue braille displays.

Focus Blue Training Videos

Watch the Focus Blue braille display videos on our YouTube channel for a product overview and more. Learn the basics and get answers fast for setting up and using your braille display.

Focus Blue FAQs

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about using Focus Blue braille displays.

Focus Blue Teacher’s Companion

The Focus Blue Teacher’s Companion Guide is intended to assist instructors who are teaching students how to use the Focus Blue braille display. It describes:

  • The layout and controls of the braille display
  • How to connect to computers and mobile devices
  • Essential terminology
  • Features such as BrailleIn, Braille Study Mode, Scratchpad, and Braille Viewer
  • Important resources and more

Focus Blue User Documentation

Refer to our manuals and guides for detailed procedures for using Focus Blue braille displays.

Focus Blue Keystrokes and Commands

There are numerous keystrokes available to input braille commands directly from the Focus Blue to type and control the computer.