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Speech and Sounds

Submit Your Own JAWS Speech and Sound Scheme!

It’s a contest! Create a unique speech and sound scheme for JAWS and submit it to be considered for a $100 Amazon gift card and a chance to have your scheme added to JAWS 2022.

Three finalists will be chosen, and everyone will have the chance to try out the schemes and vote!

Speech and sound schemes let you use voices, spoken text, or sounds to identify elements of Web pages, dialog boxes, and documents. For example, you could use different notes from a piano to indicate different heading levels. You can also assign speech or a sound to specific text attributes in a word processing document. Alternatively, you might want JAWS to identify bold text in a document by reading it in a deep voice. When you use speech and sounds to alter the way JAWS reads information, you can store your associations as a scheme that you can apply at any time. You can easily switch between schemes.

For more information about speech and sound schemes, visit and listen to the references below.

All submissions will become the property of Freedom Scientific, see official rules for details.

Speech and Sounds Scheme Tutorials and References

  • Speech and Sounds Video Tutorial: In this demonstration, Ryan Jones from TPGI describes how Speech and Sounds schemes work, explores some of the default schemes included with JAWS and how to switch between them, and walks you step-by-step through creating your own scheme.
  • FSCast 194: This episode features an interview with JAWS user Matthew Horspool who shows how he uses Speech and Sounds schemes. This page includes links to listen as well as read the text transcript.
  • Speech and Sounds Schemes on Surf’s Up: This section of the Surf’s UP internet navigation tutorial walks you through creating Speech and Sounds schemes for use on web pages.

In addition, the JAWS help contains information on using Speech and Sounds schemes. To access these topics, do the following:

  1. From the JAWS main window, press F1 to open Help.
  2. In the Contents tree view, navigate to the Settings Center book and press RIGHT ARROW to expand it.
  3. Navigate to Speech and Sounds Schemes and press ENTER to display this topic.
  4. Press F6 to move focus to the topic window to review the contents.

More Contest Details

After you have reviewed the speech and sound references on this page, follow these instructions to create your own speech and sounds scheme:

(You must use JAWS 2021 to create the scheme.)

  1. Consider a set of sounds or voices that you have applied or want to apply to enhance an application you use with JAWS.
  2. Spend time creating your speech and sound scheme and making sure it works as you intend.
  3. When you think it’s complete and ready for submission, make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  4. From the JAWS application window, press ALT+H to open the Help menu and choose FS Support Tool.
  5. When the tool opens, press ENTER to begin gathering information. Note that this process may take several seconds.
  6. Enter your email address and then select Send report to upload the report containing your speech and sounds scheme file to Freedom Scientific. Be sure to use the same email address here and in the submission form.
  7. When your file is uploaded, complete the submission form to provide additional details about your scheme. Submissions will not be accepted after June 30, 2021.
  8. We will announce finalists and instructions on how to vote after all submissions have been entered and evaluated.


Official Contest Rules and Legal Disclaimer


By entering into the Freedom Scientific, Inc’s. (“Freedom”) Speech and Sound Contest (Contest”), participant (“Participant”) agrees to abide by these Official Contest Rules and Legal Disclaimer and the decisions of Freedom, such decisions which are final and binding in all respects.

No purchase necessary to enter or win.


Contest is open solely to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. Employees, officers, directors, or agents of Freedom (“Promoter”) or any of Promoter’s partners, related companies, agencies, or agents, as well as the immediate family (defined as spouse, parents, siblings, children, and grandparents) and same household members of any such employee, officer, director, or agent, are not eligible to participate. All applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

How to Enter

To enter the Contest, visit www.freedomscientific.com/speechandsounds, and follow the instructions provided. Applicable deadlines are set forth therein. Promoter will not consider incorrect, fraudulent, incomplete, late, or otherwise non-conforming entries or entries that are intended to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person or entity in any way. Entries generated by macro, script, or other automated means are void. Any entrant using fraudulent means to participate in a Contest will be disqualified and may be guilty of violating applicable criminal laws. All entries, once provided, are Promoter’s sole and exclusive property. Eligibility is at the exclusive discretion of Promoter, and Promoter shall be entitled to reject any entrant for any reason or no reason at all without having to provide an explanation. Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, suspend, or terminate a Contest for any reason and without prior notice to any Participant. In such instance, Promoter may, if and as appropriate, select a winner using reasonable means that are materially consistent with the Contest in question.

Provision of Materials and Information/Intellectual Property

By entering into the Contest and providing a submission, Participant represents and warrants as follows: (1) that it fully owns or has properly licensed whatever materials or information it submits hereunder in connection with the Contest and can make such submissions without violating any: applicable law, agreement with any third-party, and/or third-party right of any kind (including without limitation any intellectual property, data protection, privacy, or publicity right); and (2) that any and all materials or information provided by it hereunder shall be true and correct in all respects. Furthermore, without limitation on anything set forth herein to the contrary, Participant hereby assigns all right and title in and to all submissions to Promoter and Promoter shall the right, without further compensation to Participant, to exploit any and all such materials or information in any manner it so elects including without limitation, incorporating it into its products.

Prizes; Selecting and Notifying Prize Winners[Td The selection of winners will be as set forth at www.freedomscientific.com/speechandsounds. All Contest winners will be selected pursuant to the specific procedures set forth in the Contest’s webpage. Promoter will contact all winners by email to confirm that they have won and are entitled to a Prize. Promoter is not responsible for digital communications that are undeliverable as a result of any filtering of any kind, insufficient space in a Participant’s account, or any other failure beyond its reasonable control. In the event of a dispute with respect to entries received from more than one user having the same e-mail address/account, the authorized subscriber of the account in question at the time of entry will be deemed the proper entrant. Additionally, all winners will be posted on Promoter’s website. Each winner must show picture identification to claim his or her Prize. Any potential winner will forfeit his or her Prize if he or she: (1) fails to respond in a timely fashion to any of Promoter’s requests for information or signatures with respect the Contest or the Prize; (2) cannot be reached at the information provided by such individual; (3) rejects the Prize (or it is returned undeliverable through no fault of Promoter); or (4) is disqualified from the Contest for any reason. In the event of any forfeiture hereunder, an alternate winner will be selected. Prize winners are solely responsible for all applicable: (1) federal, state, and local taxes; and (2) out-of-pocket expenses, associated with Prize acceptance and use. Prizes will not be substituted by Promoter for cash or other merchandise pursuant to any Prize winner’s request. Promoter, however, reserves the right to substitute alternate Prizes of comparable or equal value in its sole discretion.


Subject to applicable law, entrance in the Contest constitutes the Participant’s consent to Promoter and Promoter’s affiliates to use his or her name, voice, likeness, opinions, and biographical information for marketing, advertising, and publicity purposes in any media throughout the world at any time without the obligation to seek consent or to provide Participant with any payment or other form of consideration. Participant agrees to execute any document reasonably required by Promoter to effectuate the terms hereof and failure to do so shall give rise to Promoter’s right to execute any and all such documents as Participant’s attorney-in-fact, which right shall be coupled with an interest and therefore, irrevocable.


Subject to applicable law, by entering into the Contest and potentially receiving a Prize, each Participant and winner agrees to release, discharge, and hold harmless Promoter, along with Promoter’s employees, officers, directors, affiliates, partners, agents and assigns, from and against any claim, cause of action, demand, or proceeding (each, a “Claim”), and any resultant loss, injury (including death), cost, expense, fee, fine, penalty, or other loss or expense of any kind, including attorneys’ fees (each, a “Loss”), relating to or arising directly or indirectly out of his or her participation in a Contest (or related activity such as a press release), and/or Promoter’s right to exploit Participant’s name and/or likeness or fully exploit any other right granted to it hereunder, and/or from Participant’s receipt, use, or misuse of any Prize, no matter how such Claim or Loss arises (including without limitation, if arising out of any damage to a Participant’s computer system from downloading or using material from Promoter’s (or an affiliate of Promoter’s) website).

Use of Collected Materials and Information

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