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ONYX Pro magnifying a book


Turn your Microsoft® Surface Pro 7 into and magnifier and screen reader with the ONYX® Pro. The ONYX® PRO uses a simple USB cable to connect to a Surface Pro 7 and magnifies objects, text, or images. When in OCR mode, you can follow the magnified text in high-contrast colors on the tablet screen.

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ONYX PRO easily connects to Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to magnify text or have text read aloud.

Senior woman using ONYX PRO to read a bookThe ONYX PRO uses a simple USB cable to connect to your Microsoft Surface Pro 7, allowing you to magnify objects, text, or images. Just place your Surface Pro 7 in the ONYX PRO stand, unfold the camera, and attach the camera to the stand and you are ready to go.

Featuring a dual-camera design for flexibility, one camera allows you to easily go from near magnification to distance viewing. The second camera is dedicated to Document OCR (optical character recognition) mode that scans printed text and reads it back to you out loud in a clear and natural voice. Simply place a book, printed letter, or magazine beneath the camera and with the press of a button, ONYX PRO begins to read. Follow along as the text is magnified and displayed in high contrast on your tablet screen.

The ONYX PRO is great for reading books, magazines, mail, and more! Thanks to its lightweight design and handle, you can pick it up and use it wherever you want from classroom to classroom or office to home.

The ONYX PRO is designed and built using the Additive Manufacturing Process. This process allows us freedom of design and the ability to manufacture complex structures while minimizing waste and keeping the product lightweight and portable. We are also able to quickly adapt our designs as new tablet models are released. This faster time to market means we will have product easily available.