7.0 Using Variables and Constants

In previous chapters, you created scripts that spoke messages using hard coded strings of text. You used the SayString and Say built-in functions to speak those strings of text by typing the text directly into the parentheses of the function. You had to surround the text with quotation marks because each function expected a string of text as its parameter.

Instead of using numeric values to represent the output type in the Say function, you used constants to represent those values. You can find all of the output type constants in the default constant file, HJConst.jsh.

In this chapter, you will learn how to declare and use variables. You will learn the differences between local and global variables as well. You will also learn how to declare your own constant values and then use them in your scripts.

Table of Contents

Chapter 7.0 Using Variables and Constants, contains the following sections:

7.1 Variables

7.2 Constants