2.0 The Keyboard Manager

You control the assignment of keystrokes to JAWS commands using the Keyboard Manager. The Keyboard Manager stores keystroke assignments in key map files, which have the extension of .jkm. You usually assign keystrokes to scripts at the time the script is created using the Script Manager. You can use the Keyboard Manager to view, add, change, or delete keystroke assignments.

The Keyboard Manager has a screen layout that consists of a left hand pane and a right hand pane. Press TAB and SHIFT+TAB to move between the two panes. Press UP and DOWN ARROW to move up and down either side of the manager.

For a list of all keyboard commands available in the Keyboard Manager, see Appendix B: Keyboard Manager Commands.

Table of Contents

Chapter 2.0 The Keyboard Manager, contains the following sections:

2.1 Starting the Keyboard Manager

2.2 Keyboard Manager Files

2.3 Keyboard Manager, Left Hand Pane

2.4 Keyboard Manager, Right Hand Pane

2.5 Finding Keystrokes

2.6 Reviewing Scripting Documentation

2.7 Adding, Changing, and Removing Keystrokes

2.8 Keyboard Manager Options

2.9 Chapter Exercises