2.2 Keyboard Manager Files

The Keyboard Manager uses two types of key map files:

All key map files have the file extension of .jkm.

The 'default' key map file contains the keystroke assignments for the default script file. JAWS loads the default key map file into memory each time you start JAWS. The default set of keystroke assignments are always available for your use.

The 'application' key map files contain keystroke assignments for scripts in an application script file. All application key map files have the same name as the application's script file. For example, the script file name for Microsoft® Word 2007 is Microsoft Word 2007.jss. Thus, the key map file for Word is Microsoft Word.jkm. See Naming JAWS Settings Files for more information on how JAWS derives the names of key map files.

When you have an application plus the JAWS program open on your computer, JAWS employs both the associated application key map file and the default key map file so that both sets of keystroke assignments are available.

For those applications where the application and default key map files share the same keystroke assignment, the keystroke assignment in the application key map file always takes precedence over the keystroke assignment in the default key map file.