Desktop Video Magnifier

Topaz EZ HD Desktop Video Magnifier.

The TOPAZ EZ is an easy-to-use system that combines single-function controls with reduced complexity. You can begin using TOPAZ EZ right out of the box to magnify documents, newspapers, photos, and more.

Desktop Video Magnifier

Topaz Desktop Video Magnifier.

The TOPAZ video magnifier is the perfect choice for reading and performing daily tasks, with a wide magnification range, gliding reading table, lots of workspace under the camera, LED lighting, and unique features like Find and Freeze Frame.

Desktop Video Magnifier

Topaz XL HD Desktop Video Magnifier.

The ultimate in desktop video magnifiers, TOPAZ XL HD provides high-definition magnification with the sharpest image and the crispest text. Its HD camera and advanced features are designed to provide faster reading and better comprehension with less fatigue. TOPAZ XL HD can be used anywhere, but excels in work and school environments.