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Remote Desktop Connections

Remote access software establishes a connection from your computer (called the “client”) to another computer (called the “server/remote computer”). Once connected, you can run programs and view files just as if you were sitting at the remote computer’s keyboard. The remote computer handles all processing and data storage tasks. The client computer acts as an intermediary between you and the remote computer, relaying your commands and displaying the results.


#2 REMOTE ACCESS FLAG – wHEN do we require a raf to run in a remote desktop or vm? With raf, it allows the use of virtual channels. With JAWS on both sides, the two apps are talking to each other over the virtual channels.

Running your Freedom Scientific software on both the local and remote machines

Purpose: In this setup, your software is installed on both machines. The local machine has a license and is authorized for remote access.


  1. Install your Freedom Scientific software on both machines.
  2. Make sure you have a license that includes the Remote Desktop/Citrix® Support add-on feature. This can be purchased separately for any license type.
  3. Activate with your license code on the local machine. You do not need to activate on the remote machine as it will use the license from the local machine.
  4. From the local machine, you can launch your Freedom Scientific software, open the remote desktop session, then launch your Freedom Scientific software on the remote machine for maximum performance.

Running your Freedom Scientific software only on a remote machine

In this setup, the software is installed only on the remote machine and it obtains a license from a network license server.

Note: When JAWS starts in remote desktop or VM, it looks at the OS first.

  1. Ensure there is a license server with licenses that include the Remote Desktop/Citrix Support add-on feature. This license server must be in the same subnet as the remote machine.
  2. Install your Freedom Scientific software on the remote machine. You may need to contact your Network Administrator for assistance configuring the software to acquire a license from the license server.
  3. Connect from your local machine and launch the Freedom Scientific software located on the remote machine. The remote machine will use a license provided by the network license server.

If OS is server platform (for example, Windows Server 2016) – it will not load a local license. It will have to get a license from

If the other end is running a workstation (Windows 10 or Windows 7), it will allow local license loading.