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FSCast 175, archive of the September 2019 FSOpenLine

Posted on Wednesday September 25, 2019

More details about using the new JAWS Scan cursor that’s part of the JAWS 2020 public beta, a reminder about bringing your SMA up to date before the end of October, and of course your calls. This time, questions about PictureSmart, additional Vocalizer voices, Home Annual license renewal, and  more.

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FSCast 174 - Eric Damery previews the first JAWS 2020 public beta, and retired Superior Court Judge David Szumowski previews his new autobiography "Reach for More."

Posted on Monday September 16, 2019

Eric Damery joins John and Larry Gassman to discuss what’s coming in the first public beta of JAWS 2020, and David Szumowski  talks  about assistive technology and his legal career.

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FSCast 173: Software updates Release August 6, John Gassman wins Disney's highest award, and a new book about formatting Word documents using a screen reader

Posted on Monday August 05, 2019

Larry Gassman talks with John Gassman about winning the Walt Disney Legacy award, and David Kingsbury discusses his new book, “Format Your Word Documents with JAWS and NVDA.” Whether your formatting requirements are simple or complex, this book has you covered.


Read the transcript at blog.freedomscientific.com

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