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FSCast 185, A profile of musician and longtime JAWS scripter Dave Leo Baker, Using Reaper for audio production, features in the June product updates, and U.S. summer product specials.

Posted on Tuesday June 23, 2020

On FSCast 185, we meet Dave Leo Baker who  spent over twenty years  in the JAWS scripting department before setting off on his own to pursue a musical career. Jim Snowbarger talks about why Reaper software and his JAWS scripts are a powerful combination for doing any sort of audio production. Plus, Eric Damery with news about what’s in the June  product updates, and info about special   U.S. product pricing   that coincides with the summer NFB and ACB conventions.


Transcript available at blog.freedomscientific.com/fscast

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FSCast 184, archive of the May 2020 FSOpenLine

Posted on Tuesday June 02, 2020

On the May 2020 FSOpenLine, a preview of June product updates that bring a new Braille and Text Viewer, plus  a JAWS feature that prevents chopping off the beginning of words when using some laptops and Bluetooth headphones. Of course, we also take your calls on a variety of topics including scripts for YouTube and Wireshark from Doug Lee, and a new ElBraille mailing list.


Transcript available at https://blog.freedomscientific.com/fscast/


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FSCast 183, using the SAS Graphics accelerator to listen to graphs and charts

Posted on Wednesday May 13, 2020

On FSCast 183, we’re joined by Ed Summers, director of  accessibility at SAS, to get a stereo demo of the SAS Graphics accelerator, and to  learn about accessible SAS tools for doing statistics. He’ll also direct us to some of his blog posts  about how he trained himself to listen to synthesized speech at close to 600 words per minute.

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