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Reading Pages with Frames

Some Web pages use frames to display content. A frame is an area of the page that Internet Explorer treats like a separate browser window. Each frame is capable of displaying an independent Web page. The Freedom Scientific Company Info page is a sample Web page that uses frames to display different types of information. One frame contains addresses for Freedom Scientific locations, another contains a brief history of the company, and the last frame contains the Freedom Scientific mission statement.

In the following exercise, you will use a sample Web page to learn how to navigate frames:

  1. Go to the Freedom Scientific Company Info sample Web page.
  2. When you first open the sample Web page, you are in the Company Locations frame. Press INSERT+F9 to display a list of all the frames on this page.
  3. Select "Corporate History" and press ENTER. JAWS moves you to the Corporate History frame.
  4. Use the JAWS reading commands to read all the text in this frame. Notice that when you leave the current frame and move into the next frame, JAWS announces the name of the previous frame and says, "Frame end." JAWS then announces the name of the next frame.
  5. Press M to move to the next frame on the page.
  6. Press SHIFT+M to move back to the previous frame.

Inline Frames

Inline Frames are embedded directly within a Web page and display the contents of another page. Visually, these types of frames usually look like images or banners. Inline frames are often used by Web sites to display advertisements. To ignore inline frames use Quick Settings as follows:

  1. Press INSERT+V. Quick Settings opens with focus in the search edit box.
  2. Type in inline. The tree view below the edit box changes to filter out results that do not match.
  3. Press DOWN ARROW to move to the item Inline Frames Show. The default is On.
  4. Press SPACEBAR to toggle this setting to Off.
  5. Press TAB to move to the OK button, and then activate it with the SPACEBAR. Quick settings closes and the changes are saved.