Tabbed Browsing Keystrokes

Description Command
Open a New Tab CTRL+T
Open a New Tab from the Address Bar ALT+ENTER (on the address bar)
Open a New Browser Window CTRL+N
Mute or Unmute Audio in Current Tab CTRL+M
Switch to the Next Tab CTRL+TAB
Switch to the Previous Tab CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Switch to a Specific Tab Number CTRL+n, where n is a digit from 1 to 8
Switch to Last Tab CTRL+9
Close Current Tab CTRL+F4 or CTRL+W
Close All Tabs ALT+F4
Close Other Tabs (Internet Explorer only) CTRL+ALT+F4
Open Links in a New Tab in the Background CTRL+ENTER
Open Links in a New Tab in the Foreground CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER
Move Tab Left (when tab is in focus) CTRL+LEFT ARROW or CTRL+UP ARROW
Move Tab Right (when tab is in focus) CTRL+RIGHT ARROW or CTRL+DOWN ARROW
Move Tab to Beginning (when tab is in focus) CTRL +HOME
Move Tab to End (when tab is in focus) CTRL+END