Personalized Web Page Settings

You can configure many JAWS settings for specific Web sites. Personalized settings apply to all pages of a given domain, such as CNN dot com or Freedom Scientific dot com. Some examples where using personalized settings could be useful might include:

Make the various JAWS settings work for you to enhance your experiences on the Internet.

JAWS includes many configurable settings to access information on Web pages as efficiently as possible, and JAWS uses default settings that provide the most information on the majority of Web sites. However, there are many Web sites that are not designed with accessibility in mind or do not use HTML correctly. When using JAWS default settings, some of these Web pages may not provide enough information, while others may provide too much.

What Settings can be Personalized?

You can personalize many types of Web settings. For example:

Personalizing Web Settings

Do the following to create or modify personalized settings for a Web page. Note that changes made are saved permanently to JSI files (for example, and do not apply to other Web pages. JSI files are stored in the PersonalizedSettings folder, which can be found by opening the Utilities menu from the JAWS window, selecting the Explore Utilities Folder option, and then choosing Explore My Settings.

  1. Press INSERT+V to open the Quick Settings dialog box. Focus is in the Search edit box.
  2. Press DOWN ARROW to move to the Quick Settings tree view.
  3. Press P to move to the Personalize Web Settings group. If necessary, press RIGHT ARROW to expand the group.
  4. Press DOWN ARROW to move to the different options and groups within Personalize Web Settings, and press SPACEBAR to make changes.
  5. After making all necessary changes, press TAB to move to the OK button and then press SPACEBAR to save changes and exit Quick Settings.

Sharing Personalized Settings

JAWS stores personalized settings information in JSI files. To share your personalized settings with other JAWS users

  1. From the JAWS application window, press ALT+U to open the Utilities menu and press X to activate the Explore Utilities Folder option.
  2. Navigate to Explore My Settings and press ENTER. A folder opens that contains all of the files you have had JAWS modify or create for you.
  3. Select the folder PersonalizedSettings and press ENTER to open it.
  4. Locate the JSI file with the domain name of the page that uses the personalized settings you want to share. For example: ""
  5. Copy this file and distribute it to others. Those you share your JSI file with need to copy the JSI file into their user folder on their computer following the steps above. They can now use that HTML page with your personalized settings.