Accessing Edge Settings

To customize settings for Edge, press ALT+E or ALT+F to open the Settings and More menu and press S. Just like with Favorites, History, and Downloads, the Settings page opens in a new tab which you can navigate just like any web page.

When this page first opens, you are placed into a Search edit box. If there is a particular setting you want to change, type all or part of the name and the matching settings are displayed below under a level 2 heading.

You can also press TAB once from the Search box to move to the Settings categories tree view. Use UP or DOWN ARROW to select the category and press ENTER to view its settings.

Note: You may need to press ENTER to turn on Forms mode if it did not automatically activate when focus moves to the Search edit box or the Settings Categories tree view. After performing a search or selecting a category, make sure to press ESC to turn off Forms mode before using the ARROW keys or Navigation Quick Keys to explore the settings.

Once you are finished, press CTRL+F4 to close the settings page without completely closing Edge, or press ALT+F4 to close Edge. Any settings changes you made are saved automatically.