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Microsoft Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10. In 2020, Microsoft updated Edge to use Chromium, the same technology used in the popular Google Chrome browser. With the Chromium version of Edge beginning to roll out to Windows 10 users over automatic updates and the fact that it works very well with screen reading software, Edge is becoming a more attractive option. This is especially true for users wishing to move away from Internet Explorer as this browser is no longer updated and is not as compatible with modern web sites.

JAWS offers all of the same powerful web navigation features in Edge Chromium that are available in other supported browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. These include:

If transitioning from Internet Explorer to Edge Chromium, the commands used to perform JAWS-specific features will not change. You will find, however, that some of the methods used for accessing certain browser features like your favorites or history are a little different. This section of Surf's Up shows you how to perform some of the more common tasks using Edge.