Useful Keystrokes

Following are some commonly used shortcut keystrokes for Edge. For a complete list, refer to the Edge Keyboard Shortcuts page on the Microsoft website.

Description Command
Open a new window CTRL+N
Open a new tab CTRL+T
Move to next open tab CTRL+TAB
Move to previous open tab CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Mute or unmute audio in current tab CTRL+M
Close current tab CTRL+F4
Close Edge (will close all open tabs) ALT+F4
Open Edge main menu ALT+F or ALT+E
Move to the Address bar ALT+D
Open a web page CTRL+L
Open file on local computer CTRL+O
Reload the current page F5
Add current page to favorites CTRL+D
Add favorites for all open tabs in a new folder CTRL+SHIFT+D
Open Favorites manager CTRL+SHIFT+O
Open history CTRL+H
Open list of recently downloaded files CTRL+J