Accessing Your History

Similar to Internet Explorer, Edge maintains a history of recently visited web pages so you can quickly go back to a page you need to refer to again. Press CTRL+H to open your history. Just like favorites, it appears as a separate tabbed page that can be read and navigated like any other web page. Focus will be in the Search box where you can locate specific pages.

The History Filters tree view lets you choose which pages are shown. For instance, you can choose to display all pages, only pages from the current day, pages from yesterday, pages from the previous week, and so on.

Selecting the Clear browsing data button displays options for deleting items in the history as well as other types of browsing data.

Just like with favorites, history items appear in a list box near the bottom of the page. Use the ARROW keys to navigate to a page you want to open and press ENTER to navigate to the corresponding web page. Press the APPLICATIONS key while focused on a page in the history to open a context menu where you can perform tasks such as deleting the current page from the history or opening the page in a new window or tab.