Working with Favorites

Adding a Favorite

When visiting web sites, you can create favorites (bookmarks) for pages you want to visit again so they are easy to locate. When on a page, press CTRL+D to open the Create Favorites dialog box. You’ll be placed in the name edit field where you can name the favorite. By default, the page title is chosen as the name, but you can edit this text just as you would in any other edit field. Type a name and press ENTER to create the favorite.

Managing Your Favorites

Press CTRL+SHIFT+O to open the favorites list. It will appear as a separate tabbed page so can be read and navigated like any other web page.

The Search edit field is used to search for specific favorites or for pages that contain similar information such as keyboard commands or tutorials.

The More options button opens a menu where you can sort your favorites, import favorites from other browsers on your system, export favorites, or remove duplicate favorites.

Favorites appear in a list box near the bottom of the page. Note that in order to navigate this list, you will need to press ENTER to activate Forms mode if it did not automatically activate. Use the ARROW keys to select the favorite you want to open and press ENTER to load the corresponding web page. Press the APPLICATIONS key while focused on a favorite to open a context menu for that favorite. Here, you can perform tasks such as renaming, deleting, or opening the favorited page in a new window.

Deleting a Favorite

While still focused on the page for managing favorites, press TAB until you reach the list box containing your favorites. Press DOWN ARROW until you reach the favorite you wish to delete and press the DELETE key. JAWS should indicate the favorite has been deleted either by announcing this or reading the number of favorited pages left in the list, which should be one less than before. When finished, press CTRL+F4 to close the favorites list without closing Edge.