Accessing Recent Downloads

When you select a link on a web page that downloads a file, Edge automatically saves the file in your user Downloads folder. After downloading a file, you can use F6 or SHIFT+F6 to move to the Downloads toolbar, which shows the most recently downloaded file. You can then use LEFT or RIGHT ARROW to choose a particular action.

You can access a list of all recently downloaded files in Edge. This feature is useful when you want to view only the files you have recently downloaded or quickly locate a file but can’t remember its name. Press CTRL+J to open the recent downloads list. It will be displayed as a web page in a new tab, so you can navigate through it using your ARROW keys or Navigation Quick Keys.

Use the Search box to find a recently downloaded file by typing all or part of its name. Once you press ENTER, the search results will be displayed on the page.

The Downloads Filters tree view allows you to display files that match a specific type. Press ENTER on the tree view to activate Forms Mode, press the DOWN ARROW to select a file type you want to filter with, and then press ENTER. The list of files will update accordingly.

Directly below the level two heading are three options:

Below these options is the list of recently downloaded files. The files are organized according to the date they were downloaded. Each file is represented as a level three heading, so you can press H to quickly locate the file you want and then DOWN ARROW to see additional details.

As you move down through the list, take note of the various pieces of information included for each: file name, URL where it originated, an option to access the folder where the file is saved, and the choice to remove the file from the recent downloads list. Removing the file from this list will not delete it from your computer.

Press CTRL+F4 to close the downloads list without completely closing Edge, or press ALT+F4 to close Edge.