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Jim's Cafe at Innisport

Jim's Cafe was founded in 1946 by Jim Smith. At that time, Jim was a sergeant in the United States Army, who had just finished a tour of duty in Europe. Ready to begin civilian life, he settled down in the sleepy town of Innisport with his wife, Charlotte, and their son, James Jr.

Taking a second mortgage out on his home, he purchased a run-down book shop in downtown Innisport and set about realizing his dream of owning a successful restaurant. The first few years were lean, but as the town of Innisport grew and prospered, Jim's Cafe became a favorite place for lunch breaks and Saturday night dinners.

For over 60 years, Jim's Cafe has been renowned for excellent service, a dazzling variety of dishes and appetizers, and scenic location. Use the links below to read more:

Reputation for Quality Service

Dishes and Appetizers

Driving Directions

Links to Sites of Interest


Reputation for Quality Service

Jim's Cafe was an immediate success. The little cafe quickly garnered a reputation for friendly service and delicious food. Jim worked in the kitchen, while his wife and sister-in-law took care of the customers. Early on, the two sisters created a code which they decided to use to ensure that their reputation stayed strong. That code, which is still honored by the staff of Jim's Cafe today, reads as follows:


Dishes and Appetizers

Over the years, the menu at Jim's Cafe has grown and grown. As customers requested new dishes, Jim would add them to the menu. Now there are over 50 entrees available for lunch or dinner and 25 others for breakfast. Come in today to check out Jim's famous chicken noodle soup or sample the delicious fresh roast duck. We have a wide range of tastes to suit anybody.

The complete menu, with prices, is available online.


Try Jim's tender roast duck or have the juicy turkey club sandwich for lunch. Jim's Cafe also serves a wide variety of chicken dishes, including grilled chicken, fried chicken, and chicken noodle soup.


Jim's Cafe serves only choice cuts of USDA-inspected beef. Have a delicious 12 ounce sirloin steak or the massive 16 ounce rib eye steak. We'll cook it any way you want it, and garnish it with mushrooms, onions, peppers, and more.


The fishermen of Innisport bring fresh catches in every day. Try the local favorite, Broiled Whitefish, or treat yourself to king crab legs, lobster tail, oysters on the half shell, and much more. Our seafood is always fresh and cooked to perfection with the perfect blend of seasoning.


Driving Directions

Jim's Cafe is located in downtown Innisport, on 1800 Main St. To get there from Interstate 95, follow these directions:

  1. Take exit 76 and turn right on Bridge Avenue.
  2. Drive approximately 5 miles, until you arrive at the intersection of Bridge Avenue and Main Street.
  3. Turn left on Main Street. There are several points of interest along this street:
  4. When you get to the intersection of Main Street and 2nd Avenue, you'll see Jim's Cafe on the left. There's plenty of parking in the back.

Map to Jim's Cafe. Click the image to see a larger version with more detail.

If you need any additional information, please send us an e-mail message.


Links to Sites of Interest

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