Freedom Scientific

Photo montage of people with visual and sensory impairments listening with headphones, using a computer and walking with a friend.

Freedom Scientific is the world�s leader in technology-based solutions for people with visual impairments. Our low vision products are designed to improve the lives of those whose eyesight is diminished to any degree and for any reason, including: diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and retinitis pigmentosa. Freedom Scientific has also developed leading-edge products that enable the blind to have complete access to information and computing. In addition, Freedom Scientific is a leading developer of products specifically designed to assist persons with reading-related learning challenges. Freedom Scientific�s products help people stay active, remain independent, and live better.

Freedom Scientific is a privately-held company. It has offices in Florida, California, and the Netherlands as well as distributors in more than 56 countries. Approximately one in four of Freedom Scientific�s employees has a visual impairment. These employees work in virtually every facet of the Company�s operations � technical support, product testing, development, sales (both inside and outside), customer service, quality assurance, and product management.