ARIA Live Regions - Atomic

In this example, the ARIA live region contains some static text; that is, text that does not change, as well as text that does change. We present two fictitious baseball game scores. To keep it simple, only one of the scores will change, while the rest of the text remains the same. However, if all you heard was the number of the score itself, it would be difficult to tell which team had scored. The score for the Tampa Bay Rays is the score that changes on this page. It is set to update every ten (10) seconds. You do not need to move to the area where the text is changing. JAWS will read it for you once you have paused whatever you are doing.

Tampa Bay Rays:
Boston Red Sox:   5

The text just above this paragraph is the region that is set to change. In this example, only the score for the Tampa Bay Rays changes on this screen.

Thanks to Charles Chen for allowing us to use the JavaScript found in these examples of ARIA.