Training Archives

These training files are older DAISY and MP3 files. You may find them useful, so we have archived them here. For the most recent materials, please check the newest DAISY and MP3 materials on the Training Downloads page.

JAWS Training Archives

JAWS Basic Training

NOTE: The Basic Training for JAWS beginning with JAWS version 13 and later is generic, and is not specific to any particular version of JAWS. The lessons teach concepts and as time goes on, both JAWS and Windows will change. Also, your computer, as well as your version of JAWS, may be configured differently than the ones used in the Basic Training. Therefore what you hear on your computer could vary slightly from what you hear in the Basic Training. For example, newer modules may use Windows 8, and some of you may still be using Windows 7 or prior versions. You should be able to follow along just fine even if there are some slight differences.

What's New in JAWS Prior Versions

Surf's Up Prior Versions