Scanning and Reading Appliances

SARA is the next-generation self-contained scanning and reading appliance for people who are blind or have low vision. SARA is simple to use, and quickly converts printed text to spoken text. No computer experience is needed. Read your documents without the need for sighted assistance.

SARA CE scanning and reading appliance.


  • Easy to learn, easy to use - no computer experience needed
  • Convert printed text to human-like speech in your choice of voices and languages
  • Built-in keypad with brightly-colored tactile keys and an audible menu
  • Add a monitor for a complete low-vision scanning and reading appliance
  • Powerful low vision features tailor the appearance of text on the screen, including font style, size, character spacing, and colors
  • Fast, automatic page capture for efficient document acquisition
  • Save files in SARA or send to a USB thumb drive
  • Two models to choose from:
    • SARA includes all features plus a built-in flatbed scanner
    • SARA CE includes all features plus a document camera providing instantaneous access to printed material
  • Built-in Braille support