JAWS® Training Bundle

The JAWS Training Bundle, developed by the Freedom Scientific Training Department, contains over 50 hours of high-quality one-on-one JAWS training sessions. The training was produced in audio format and uses the DAISY standard, which allows for easy navigation and bookmarking of the training material. It ships with a Victor Reader Stream and is also available separately on an SD card, which you may use with your own DAISY player.

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The JAWS Training Bundle is designed to be a starting place for both new JAWS users and those who need refresher training. It is self-paced and can be completed in a time frame based on user needs. It is designed to bring users to a baseline of JAWS skills with Microsoft Windows, the Internet, Microsoft Office, and more. Once these baseline skills have been achieved, additional one-on-one or center-based training may be appropriate based on the individual goals of the user.

General progression of the training

The training starts at the very beginning and teaches about basic Microsoft® Windows® and JAWS concepts. It then progresses to lessons specifically geared for users of Windows 7 or Windows 8.

The training continues by focusing on using JAWS to read, navigate, and edit basic text documents as well as to save and open documents. Basic file management principles are also included.

Also covered in this training are methods to access many of the easy-to-use JAWS help features, including how to open lists of JAWS-specific or Windows-specific keyboard commands. Further navigation of the main JAWS help system is also included.

The training continues by introducing the concepts needed to begin working with the Internet. A considerable amount of time is spent not only teaching JAWS related keystrokes for the Internet but also the concepts behind how web pages can be navigated and explored with JAWS. We use a live website developed by the trainers at Freedom Scientific as a tool to demonstrate the different types of web pages that JAWS users may encounter. The training even includes a lesson on using the Google search engine to perform a web search.

After covering the basics of using the Internet with JAWS, the training continues by introducing and teaching users how to access and complete the JAWS Progress Exams. Accompanying the JAWS Training Bundle are 10 free online progress exams that users may take to check their comprehension of the training. The exams are 10 to 15 multiple-choice questions. Results can be emailed automatically to a trainer or counselor if desired.

Additional topics include how to access the many hours of free online Freedom Scientific webinars, as well as how to download and use the high-quality human-sounding voices. Research It, a JAWS tool that makes it easy to find certain information on the Internet, is also covered in this section.

The training then progresses into lessons for both Microsoft Office® 2010 as well as Office 2013. Users can choose the version of Office to use for training. Three lessons are included for each of Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and Outlook®. Each lesson is between 1 and 1.5 hours and covers both basic and intermediate topics. Practice files for the lessons are also included online; the training teaches how to download and access the files.

At the conclusion of the training bundle is audio from seven lessons taken from the free online webinars produced by the Training Department. These topics include further training on file management for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 along with two lessons on reading PDF files with JAWS. Lessons on using Windows Live Mail and the JAWS Tandem feature are also included.

Advantages of the DAISY standard

DAISY, or Digital Accessible Information System, is a standard that allows books to be created that contain built-in navigation features. Specifically, the JAWS Training Bundle uses structured headings that allow users to quickly move from one topic to another by the press of a single button on the DAISY player. Users can also add bookmarks so they can quickly return to a specific spot in the training.

Using the training on a hardware DAISY player, such as the PLEXTALK® Pocket or Victor Reader Stream, allows the user to conduct the training while away from the computer. This allows the user to focus on the computer to do training exercises while using an easy-to-manage handheld player to navigate the training material.

Formats Available

The JAWS Training Bundle is provided on a 4GB SD card and is available in these formats.

With over 50 hours of training, the cost per hour is $15.00 for quality JAWS training done by the people who create JAWS.

Optional progress exams

Included with the JAWS Training Bundle is a set of 10 free online progress exams. The exams allow trainers or counselors to provide metrics on the progress of training and can also be a motivating tool for the student. Each exam consists of 10 to 15 multiple-choice questions designed to reinforce topics covered in the training. The exams provide instant results, including correct answers to questions that were answered incorrectly. Exam results can also be emailed to another individual such as a trainer or counselor if the student provides a secondary email address. The training bundle includes a section on locating and working with the exams. The exams currently available are:

  1. JAWS Basics
  2. Windows 7 Basics
  3. Windows 8 Basics
  4. Text Reading and Editing Commands
  5. JAWS and the Internet
  6. Getting Help and the Online Webinars
  7. Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013
  8. Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013
  9. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013
  10. Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013

NOTE: The Microsoft Office exams are not version specific, so they can be taken whether the student uses the 2010 or 2013 lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much training is provided?

A: Over 50 hours! In fact, it is 51 hours to be exact.

Q: Isn't some of this training already available on the Freedom Scientific website or through the DAISY books included with JAWS?

A: While some of the training topics included on the bundle can be found in free training from Freedom Scientific, most of the topics have only been available through purchasable webinars. In addition, a significant amount of content is brand new, and all of the content was designed and laid out to provide a cohesive progression of training for the user.

Q: Why was the training produced using the DAISY format?

A: DAISY provides a very efficient and easy way for users to navigate the audio training. With over 50 hours of training, it is important that users be able to quickly jump from one section to another as well as place bookmarks to allow for easy return to specific sections.

Q: Will this training work for someone who is new to using the computer with JAWS?

A: Yes! The training starts with the very basics of using a computer with JAWS and then progresses through topics that build on one another to provide a solid foundation of skills needed for using the computer as well as JAWS. The goal is to take someone from a very beginner level and progress them forward to a much higher skill set.

Q: Will this training be beneficial for someone who already knows the fundamentals of JAWS and Windows?

A: Yes! While the training starts with the very basics, it also includes many topics that would be considered to be at a more intermediate level. This includes much of the training on Office 2010 and 2013. The great thing is that the user can easily skip over sections they are already familiar with.

Q: Why is training included for two versions of Windows and two versions of Microsoft Office?

A: We realize that many people are using different versions of Windows and Office. We want to make sure training is available to as many people as possible. It is very easy to skip over any sections that don't currently apply, but the great thing is that training is already included in case the user upgrades later. For example, if you are using Windows 7 now but upgrade to Windows 8 later, you already have training included with the bundle.

Q: Is there a way to measure how well someone is learning the training material?

A: Yes! Included with the training bundle is a set of optional online progress exams that the user can choose to complete. The exams are multiple choice and have no more than 15 questions. Results are provided instantly upon completion and can even be emailed to a counselor or trainer.

Q: Is the training available in English only?

A: Yes, at present, the training is only available in English.

Q: How can I purchase the JAWS Training Bundle?

A: The training bundle can be purchased directly from the Freedom Scientific website or by calling our toll free number at 1-800-444-4443. It may also be purchased from one of our many dealers located across the country.