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Eye-Pal SOLO™

Scan your favorite materials and have Eye-Pal SOLO read them aloud to you. Eye-Pal SOLO is hand-motion activated for ease of use, and requires no computer knowledge.

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Eye-Pal SOLO™

Eye-Pal SOLO is a stand-alone scanning and reading appliance with OCR and read-aloud capabilities, so no computer knowledge is required. It scans up to 20 pages per minute and reads text nearly instantaneously, allowing users to work quickly without frustration. Eye-Pal SOLO easily and accurately reads printed material from books, newspapers, magazines, mail, and more – without the need of a computer. Save documents in .TXT or MP3 format to a USB flash drive. You can even connect a monitor to the Eye-Pal SOLO LV model to display text in a high-contrast, large font for low-vision users. The Eye-Pal SOLO is fast, accurate, and easy to use – start listening today!

Customer Testimonial

“Setting up the Eye-Pal SOLO couldn’t have been easier. When I powered up the unit, a voice instructed me to ‘place your document.’ After a couple of audible clicks and about 10 seconds, the voice began reading the page. This incredibly simple scanning appliance is truly a marvelous machine. Now, at long last, I can quickly sort my own mail, deciding what to throw away and what to keep, what to read immediately and what to read later with sighted assistance. The independence the Eye-Pal Solo gives me is worth the investment. “ Steven Dresser