What's New in MAGic 14 Screen Magnification Software

This page describes the new features and improvements available in MAGic 14.

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MAGic 14 Features

MAGic 14 offers several new features and improvements as described on this page. To learn more, read the entire What's New, or, if you are a MAGic user, press INSERT+F6 to open a list of headings and then jump directly to a specific item.

Support for All Vocalizer Expressive Version 2 Voices

MAGic 14 supports version 2 of the Vocalizer Expressive voices from Nuance® Communications. This ensures that any Vocalizer Expressive version 2 voice that you install for JAWS 18 will also work with MAGic 14, and vice versa. These voices offer very responsive, high quality, human-sounding speech in a wide variety of languages and dialects. In addition to supporting familiar voices such as Samantha, Tom, Daniel, and Karen, several new international languages and voices have been added: Bengali India, Bhojpuri India, Bulgarian, Croatian, Kannada, Spanish Chilean, Tamil, Telugu, and Valencian.

Just like with the older Vocalizer Expressive voices, all Vocalizer Expressive 2 voices can be downloaded for free from the Synthesizer Downloads web page in two forms, compact or high premium.

Compact voices are smaller files and take up much less space on your computer. Many users like them because they offer very good quality at faster speech rates. Due to their small size, compact voices are available in one file per language. For instance, if you download the compact voices for English, you will get a single file containing all English speaking voices for all dialects, which gives you a wide variety of voices to choose from.

You can also choose to download individual high-premium voices. These are much larger files, but offer the highest overall sound quality. High-premium voices can be installed along with the compact voices, so you can switch between the compact or high-premium version of the same voice if needed.

The new Vocalizer Expressive 2 voices are available for MAGic 14 and later. If you previously installed Vocalizer Expressive 1 voices for use with MAGic 13.1, those voices will continue to work with MAGic 14. However, once you install your first Vocalizer Expressive 2 voice, the earlier voices will no longer be seen by MAGic 14.

Mouse Echo Update

Mouse echo allows MAGic to speak the text that you point to with the mouse pointer. Two new Point and Speak options have been added: Character at Mouse Position and Paragraph at Mouse Position.

When using the character option MAGic reads the character that you pause the mouse pointer over.

When using the paragraph option, MAGic reads the paragraph that you pause the mouse pointer over.

As with all Point and Speak options, you must pause over the text unit (character, word, line, and paragraph) for the length of time specified in the Mouse Echo settings.

Several new layered keystrokes are available to control mouse echo:

  • INSERT+SPACEBAR, E, O. Toggles mouse echo on or off.
  • INSERT+SPACEBAR, E, C. Sets mouse echo to speak the character under the mouse.
  • INSERT+SPACEBAR, E, W. Sets mouse echo to speak the word under the mouse pointer.
  • INSERT+SPACEBAR, E, L. Sets mouse echo to speak the line under the mouse pointer.
  • INSERT+SPACEBAR, E, P. Sets mouse echo to speak the paragraph under the mouse pointer.
  • INSERT+SPACEBAR, E, QUESTION MARK. Speaks a brief help message describing the commands in the mouse echo layer.

Note: When MAGic 14 and JAWS 18 are running together, the current mouse echo settings for MAGic are ignored in favor of the JAWS mouse echo settings. MAGic’s mouse echo settings are restored when you exit JAWS.

Improved Tracking Support for SSA Application in Windows 10

Focus tracking improvements have been added for PCOM Terminal Emulation application to address issues for the Social Security Administration in Windows 10 as it did previously in Windows 7.

Improved Speech Performance for Office 2016

You will notice significant improvements with speech when running MAGic with Office 2016. This is a direct result of incorporating speech improvements from JAWS 18 to MAGic 14.

ARIA Improvements

MAGic includes additional ARIA support for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. This is a result of improvements being made in JAWS 18 that have been incorporated in MAGic 14.

Lower the Audio from Other Programs While MAGic is Speaking

In Windows 8.1 and later, you can now specify that the volume of audio from other programs be lowered while MAGic is speaking. This is commonly referred to as audio ducking. For example, if you are listening to music or playing a video and MAGic begins talking, the volume of the music or video will be slightly lowered so you can comfortably hear MAGic and then raised back to its current level when MAGic stops talking.

By default, the audio volume from other programs remains at the same volume as MAGic speech. You can change this by selecting “Lower the volume of other programs while MAGic is speaking” in the Speech Settings of the Startup Wizard, or in MAGic's Preferences.

You can also press MAGic Key+SPACEBAR, A to turn on and turn off this feature.

Enhancements in MAGic 14.0.1512 (July 2018)

This release fixes the following issues:

  • When typing a name in the To: field in Outlook 2016 or Office 365, autocomplete would insert the wrong email address. This has been fixed.
  • Several issues resulting from changes in Windows 10 RS3 and RS4 updates have been fixed.
  • This release includes the latest speech improvements made in the JAWS 18.0.5038 (May 2018) update.

Note: You may encounter performance issues, for example, trouble reading web pages or sluggish navigation, when running MAGic 14 with Firefox Quantum. If this happens, please download and install Firefox 52 "Extended Support Release" (ESR) as described below.

  1. Uninstall all versions of Firefox currently installed on your computer.
  2. Download and install Firefox 52 ESR from the Mozilla Firefox ESR Download Page.

Enhancements in MAGic 14.0.1025 (May 2018)

This release fixes a problem with dongle authorization not working in the Windows 10 Spring 2018 Creators' update. Customers who authorize using a dongle must install this update to continue using MAGic 14.

Enhancements in MAGic 14.0.1003 (December 2017)

This release includes changes needed to support the Windows 10 Fall Creators' update. The problem with the Mouse Pointer disappearing after updating Windows 10 has been fixed. MAGic 14 also includes the latest speech and navigation improvements made in the JAWS 18 December 2017 update.

Enhancements in MAGic 14.0.110 (March 2017)

This release contains changes necessary to support internal changes related to Microsoft UI Automation (UIA) coming in the next update of Windows 10 scheduled for April 2017. It is recommended that users update MAGic 14 at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I download the MAGic 14 release from the Web, should I install MAGic from the DVD when I receive it?

Answer: No. You only need to install the training materials that are on the MAGic program DVD. This information is available in a digital document format known as DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System). To install these files, do the following:

  1. Insert your MAGic program DVD into your disk drive.
  2. When the MAGic Setup dialog box appears, press TAB to move to the Training Materials button, and then press SPACEBAR.
  3. In the MAGic Training Materials dialog box, select the check box next to each DAISY book that you want to install.
  4. Choose the Install button.
  5. When the installation is finished, remember to put your MAGic program DVD in a safe place so you will have it for future use when needed.

Question: If I wait until my DVD arrives to install MAGic 14, should I also download the version that is available on the Web?

Answer: No, but once you have installed MAGic 14 from the DVD, you should check for updates by pressing ALT+F, H from the MAGic program window, and then pressing P to select Check for Updates.

Question: If I remove my existing version of MAGic before installing MAGic 14, should I remove shared components?

Answer: This is not necessary and many users choose to keep multiple versions on their system. Once you find that you are no longer using the prior version, and everything is working well with the new version, you may uninstall the old version. However, do not remove shared components as this may cause issues with other Freedom Scientific products installed on your computer.

Question: If my SMA expires, will I receive a notice?

Answer: Customers in the U.S. will receive notification in the mail shortly after the MAGic 14 DVD arrives. The envelope will contain an SMA Renewal letter explaining the process. You can also renew your SMA online using the SMA and Upgrade Pricing page on the Freedom Scientific web site.

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