11.3 Displaying the Messages

After you have created your messages and determined the virtual viewer is not active, you are ready to display text in the virtual viewer. You can use either of the following functions:

Each of these functions requires two parameters. The first parameter is the output type that tells JAWS how to speak or display the message. You use the output type constant, OT_USER_BUFFER, in either function to tell JAWS to display your message within the virtual viewer.

The second parameter is the text of the message JAWS displays in the virtual viewer. This parameter can be a quoted string of text, a string variable containing the text or a message constant contained within a JAWS message file. Examples of the use of both statements follow:

SayMessage (OT_USER_BUFFER, "This text is being displayed in the virtual viewer")

SayFormattedMessage (OT_USER_BUFFER, "This text is being displayed in the virtual viewer.")