6.4 Invisible Cursor

The Invisible cursor was created for the sole purpose of accessing information on the screen. You have probably not used the Invisible cursor during your daily use of JAWS. The Invisible cursor is identical to the JAWS cursor. You can move it anywhere on the screen, but you cannot perform any mouse actions such as a left mouse click.

You use the same navigation keystrokes as you do when other cursors are active. You can activate the Invisible cursor from your keyboard by pressing NUM PAD MINUS twice in succession. When you only need to read information on the screen, then the Invisible cursor is the best cursor to use.

Activating the Invisible Cursor

You can use the built-in function, InvisibleCursor to activate the Invisible cursor regardless of its location on your screen. The InvisibleCursor function activates the cursor just like using NUM PAD MINUS twice from your keyboard.