6.2 PC Cursor

You can think of the PC cursor as the system focus. This cursor is linked to the keyboard functions of the Windows operating system and Windows based applications. This is the cursor that is used when typing information, moving through options in dialog boxes, and selecting options or icons. You can move the PC cursor using a variety of navigation keystrokes such as PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN, HOME, and END. You can also use the arrow keys to move the cursor. However, the PC cursor can only go where your application allows it to go.

You will have to use another cursor when the text is not within the range of movement of the PC cursor. You can use many of the built-in functions to move the PC cursor within the areas to which it is limited.

Activating the PC Cursor

You do most of the reading in any window using the PC cursor. You can use the built-in function, PCCursor, to activate the cursor from within a script or user-defined function.

When you use the PCCursor function, the PC cursor is activated just as if you pressed NUM PAD PLUS from your keyboard.