3.5 Chapter Exercises

Exercise 3.1: Performing Scripts

The objective of this exercise is to show how a single keystroke can activate either an application-specific script, or a script found in the default script file.

  1. Press WINDOWS KEY+M to minimize all of your running applications.
  2. Start Notepad from the start menu. You can find the Notepad application in your Programs | Accessories group within your Start Menu.
  3. After Notepad starts make sure it is the active application by pressing INSERT+T. You should hear JAWS speak "Untitled - Notepad".
  4. Press INSERT+V to activate the Adjust JAWS Options dialog. Note how many items are found within this dialog. How many are there? What was the first item in the tree view?
  5. Press ESC to close the Adjust JAWS Options dialog and return to Notepad.
  6. Press WINDOWS KEY+M to minimize all of your running applications and make the Desktop active.
  7. Press I until you locate the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop. When you find the icon, press ENTER to start Internet Explorer.
  8. Press INSERT+T to read the title of the active window. Internet Explorer should be the active application.
  9. Press INSERT+V to display the Adjust JAWS Options dialog. How many items are in this tree view? Is the tree view different from the tree view you saw while in Notepad? Why?