Using the Focus Blue Refreshable Braille Display with Talks

The Focus 14, 40, and 80 Blue braille displays can provide braille access over a Bluetooth® connection to any cell phone running the Symbian operating system using the Talks screen reader from Nuance. This document describes how to install the Talks support for the Focus and lists the commands that can be performed directly from the Focus display to control Talks and various other phone functions.

For more detailed information on the Focus, refer to the Focus Blue User's Guide. Refer to your Talks documentation for more information on using Talks.

Installing and Configuring the Focus in Talks

Make sure Talks is installed and running on your phone before continuing.

To add support for the Focus Blue in Talks, do the following:

  1. Establish a connection between your phone and a computer running the Nokia PC Suite software.
  2. Insert the Focus Blue Companion CD. When the Freedom Scientific Focus Setup dialog box opens, choose Install Talks driver. If your phone is connected to your computer and the Nokia PC Suite is installed, choose OK to continue.
  3. Choose OK again when asked if you are sure you want to install the application to your phone. The remainder of the installation is now performed from the phone.
  4. Follow the prompts on your phone to complete the installation. Press the Left Soft key to move to the next screen. If you have a mmemory card inserted, you are asked if you want to install to your phone's main memory or the card. Select the option to install to main memory.
  5. Once the Focus driver is installed, you must establish a Bluetooth partnership between the display and the phone. Refer to the documentation that came with your phone for instructions on pairing with other Bluetooth devices. When prompted to enter a passkey to complete the bonding process, type 0000 on the phone keypad.

Once the driver is installed and the Bluetooth partnership is established, Talks immediatly begins communicating with your Focus.

Focus Blue Talks Commands

The following sections list the commands that can be performed directly from the Focus display. Refer to the Focus Blue User's Guide for a more in-depth description of the various controls.

Note: When used with Talks, the Focus NAV Rockers only support panning. You can not move by line, sentence, or paragraph as you can when using the display with JAWS.

Braille Commands

Description Command
Grade 2 Translation DOTS 1-2-4-5 CHORD
Grade 2 Expand Current Word DOTS 2-3-4-5 CHORD
Toggle 8/6 Dot Braille DOTS 2-3-6 CHORD
Toggle Marking DOTS 1-3-4 CHORD
Change Cursor Mode RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 1-4

Editing and Navigation Commands

Description Command
Next Line Rocker Bar Down or DOT 4
Prior Line Rocker Bar Up or DOT 1
Move Left on Current Line DOT 3
Move Right on Current Line DOT 6
Home Panning Button+Rocker Bar Up or DOT 2 CHORD
End Panning Button+Rocker Bar DOWN or DOT 5 CHORD
Page Down Left Or Right Selector Button+Rocker Bar Down or DOTS 4-6
Page Up Left Or Right Selector Button+Rocker Bar Up or DOTS 1-3
Bottom of File Right Panning Button+Selector Button or DOTS 4-5-6
Top of File Left Panning Button+Selector Button or DOTS 1-2-3
Delete LEFT SHIFT+DOTS 1-4-5
Backspace DOT 7
Enter DOT 8
Cut Text LEFT SHIFT+DOTS 1-3-4-6
Paste Text LEFT SHIFT+DOTS 1-2-3-6
Undo LEFT SHIFT+DOTS 1-3-5-6

Text Selection Commands

Description Command
Select Next Character LEFT SHIFT+DOT 6
Select Prior Character LEFT SHIFT+DOT 3
Select Next Line LEFT SHIFT+DOT 4
Select Prior Line LEFT SHIFT+DOT 1
Select to End of Line LEFT SHIFT+DOT 5
Select from Start of Line LEFT SHIFT+DOT 2
Select to Bottom LEFT SHIFT+DOTS 4-5-6
Select from Top LEFT SHIFT+DOTS 1-2-3
Select All LEFT SHIFT+DOTS 1-2-3-4-5-6

Speech Commands

Description Command
Speak Faster RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 1-2-4
Speak Slower RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 2-3-4
Decrease Volume RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 1-4-5
Increase Volume RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 1-3-6
Change Key Echo RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 1-3
Change Speaking of Graphics LEFT SHIFT+DOTS 1-2-4-5
Change Speaking of Punctuation RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 1-2-3-4
Change Speaking of Upper Case LEFT SHIFT+DOTS 1-3-6
Change Spelling Alphabet RIGHT SHIFT+DOT 1
Toggle Speech On/Off LEFT SHIFT+DOTS 1-3-4

General Commands

Description Command
Training Mode DOTS 1-4-5-6
Menu DOTS 1-3-4
Open Task Manager RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 3-5-6
Left Soft Key LEFT SHIFT+DOTS 1-2
Right Soft Key LEFT SHIFT+DOTS 4-5
Soft Key Assignments RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 1-2-4-5
Status (signal strength, battery level, etc) RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 3-4
Time and Date RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 2-3-4-5
Open Settings Window RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 1-2-3-4-5-6
Read Current Window RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 1-2
Remaining Characters in SMS RIGHT SHIFT+DOTS 1-2-3-5
Toggle NAV Rockers On/Off Left Or Right Mode Button CHORD
Escape DOTS 1-3-5-6
Pan Left Left Panning Button Or Left Panning Rocker Up
Pan Right Right Panning Button Or Right Panning Rocker Up