Supporting and Teaching Windows with JAWS

An intensive four-day workshop designed for:

  • Teachers
  • Access technology trainers
  • Anyone interested in learning how JAWS® screen reading software works

This four-day workshop uses international standards for all technical trainers of popular software and uses successful guidelines for trainer behaviors and presentation methods. The workshop starts out by teaching basic JAWS screen-reading keystrokes and quickly moves into more advanced features of JAWS.

Hands-on training covers almost everything you ever wanted to know about JAWS, including changing and setting preferences in JAWS, the JAWS Managers, DAISY training materials, menus and dialog boxes, using the Internet with JAWS, and much more!

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Discuss various JAWS installation options
  • Understand and discuss JAWS authorization
  • Set up a hot key to launch JAWS and other applications
  • Explain the choices available in the various JAWS menus
  • Set up your JAWS preferences
  • List three ways to get help in JAWS
  • Use JAWS and Windows® applications from the keyboard
  • Name the JAWS keystroke to open the JAWS Managers list and demonstrate how to use it
  • List several areas where you can change individual settings using the following:
    • Speech and Sounds Manager
    • Voice Aliases
    • Customize Punctuation
    • User Options
    • Text Processing
    • Keyboard Options
    • HTML Options
  • Discuss and demonstrate how to use the following JAWS Managers:
    • Settings Center
    • Frame Viewer
    • Prompt Create
    • Custom Label
    • Keyboard Manager
    • Dictionary Manager
    • Graphics Labeler
    • Script Manager and much more

Learn to Teach How JAWS Works on the Internet

Learning how JAWS works on the Internet is crucial for many people whether at home, at school, or in the workplace. After participating in this workshop, you will understand the default settings JAWS uses when reading Web sites. You will also be able to:

  • Explain the difference between the PC cursor and the Virtual PC cursor
  • Select and copy text from a Web page or HTML document and paste it into a word processing program
  • Use INSERT+F1 to get help in Web pages
  • Use the JAWS list of links
  • Reference the W3C/WAI Quick Tips for creating accessible Web pages
  • Use JAWS List of Headings and Navigation Quick keys to effectively navigate through HTML pages
  • Use JAWS to switch languages on Web pages
  • Use PlaceMarkers on Web pages with JAWS
  • Set up Personalized Web page settings with JAWS
  • Use JAWS table reading keys to navigate HTML tables
  • Navigate and complete forms using JAWS
  • Use JAWS Context Help in Web pages
  • Understand how to use access keys on Web pages
  • Discuss and understand Section 508 and accessibility vs. usability
  • Understand some of the more common HTML attributes used by screen readers.


We use the keyboard to work with JAWS and Windows during this course. We teach specific JAWS and Windows keystrokes. However, it is required that you already have good basic keyboarding, typing skills, and a working knowledge of Windows prior to taking this workshop.

Download the Workshop Registration Form and follow the instructions listed in it to sign up for workshops in Saint Petersburg. For workshops outside of Saint Petersburg, follow the registration instructions listed for those specific workshops. Contact us at