iOS Mobile Native App Accessibility for Developers with VoiceOver Activity

Home screen of an iOS device showing main icons.

Length: 60 min.

Suggested For: Designers, Developers, Testers & QA Staff, Program & Project Leaders

An introduction for developers to iOS® native app accessibility. Outlines the support in iOS® for accessibility and discusses some basic iOS® accessibility developer techniques that can be used when developing new, or remediating existing, iOS® mobile native apps. Includes links to many online resources where students can learn more. Also includes a hands-on activity to learn how to turn on and off, understand, and use iOS VoiceOver® on an iPad® or iPhone®. Includes a basic introduction to settings and gestures. The goal of the activity is to give accessibility practitioners an appreciation of how a mobile screen reader works and to gain a basic understanding of the VoiceOver user experience, so they can be more able to use it for accessibility verification testing of iOS mobile hybrid or native apps.