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Paid Webinar Schedule at a Glance

  • Outlook 2013 with JAWS, May 22, 27, and 29, $29
  • Excel 2013 with JAWS, June 12, 17, and 19, $29
  • PowerPoint 2013 with JAWS, July 10, 15, and 17, $29

Paid Webinar Archives Come Through at a Perfect Time for Job in Australia

"Just thought I would send through some feedback on the PowerPoint 2010 Webinar archive I purchased last week. Absolutely brilliant. You guys really have got your stuff together when it comes to that training. It has all come in handy already ... I received my first training packages for the new job today (I start on Monday) and what do you know, one of the packages was PowerPoint. Previously I had no idea how to access the speaker notes, but this time I got them all, so thanks to you in the Training department for the fantastic packages. Also I will now be able to educate the developers of our packages how to label the graphics and buttons etc. with alt text so I know what is on all the slides."
Kellie Hall
NSW, Australia

Excel Training Benefits Businessman

"Your Excel 2010 training archives were phenomenal; I learned more about Excel in those three sessions than in all the years I've been working with Microsoft Office. Thank you!"
Marketoe A. Day, President/CEO, Mr. Munchies Vending Corp.
Springfield, IL

Outlook 2013 with JAWS
May 22, 27, and 29

By the end of this workshop you will understand, be able to discuss, and/or perform the following tasks as they relate to Outlook 2013 from the keyboard with JAWS and MAGic:

Outlook 2013 Part One
May 22

  • Introduction to Outlook
  • Outlook preferences (autocorrect options, mail format, editor options, spelling options), and address book basics
  • Navigation using the ribbon in the main program window and in messages
  • Create, send, receive, and delete messages
  • Address Book
  • Use the Automatic Replies feature (Out of Office) in the backstage view (only applies if you use Microsoft Exchange in an office environment)
  • Selecting messages for moving to a folder or deletion
  • Create and use folders
  • JAWS Help for Microsoft Outlook

Outlook 2013 Part Two
May 27

  • Send and receive e-mail with attachments
  • Use the Quick Access Toolbar to assign keystrokes to simplify both tasks
  • Appointments
  • Meeting requests
  • Calendar navigation

Outlook 2013 Part Three
May 29

  • Read complicated or difficult e-mails in the browser
  • JAWS navigation quick keys for reading HTML-based e-mail
  • Instant search feature to find e-mails that contain words or phrases
  • Categories
  • Flags

Excel 2013 with JAWS
June 12, 17, and 19

By the end of this workshop you will understand, be able to discuss, and/or perform the following tasks as they relate to Excel 2013 from the keyboard with JAWS and MAGic:

Excel 2013 Part One
June 12

  • Describe the Excel user interface
  • Create, open, and save workbooks
  • Rename worksheets
  • Add or rearrange worksheets
  • Ranges
  • The Define Name feature in Excel
  • Insert and read comments
  • Go To dialog box
  • Navigation in a worksheet
  • Editing text
  • Create row and column headers that are built in to the workbook and read automatically for JAWS or MAGic users

Excel 2013 Part Two
June 17

  • Use AutoSum
  • Create a chart
  • Move a chart
  • Change chart types
  • Insert hyperlinks for navigation within worksheet or workbook
  • Create monitored cells
  • JAWS-specific Excel features
  • MAGic-specific Excel features

Excel 2013 Part Three
June 19

  • Add or edit chart titles
  • Data validation and input messages
    • Create a dropdown list
    • Create an input message
    • Error handling using the error alert page
    • Create a date input field
  • Fill in a series
  • Unlock cells
  • Protect a worksheet
  • Sort data

PowerPoint 2013 with JAWS
July 10, 15, and 17

By the end of this workshop you will understand, be able to discuss, and/or perform the following tasks as they relate to PowerPoint 2013 from the keyboard with JAWS and MAGic:

PowerPoint 2013 Part One
July 10

  • Introduction to PowerPoint
  • Create, open, and save presentations
  • Add new slides, delete or rearrange slides
  • Move between object placeholders, different types of placeholders
  • Add text to placeholders
  • Add images to placeholders
  • Add alternative text to images
  • Add background color to a series of slides
  • Add a sound to the presentation

PowerPoint 2013 Part Two
July 15

  • Use animation effects to fly in bullet points
  • Optimize the animation effects for the most effective presentation
  • Set a WAV file to play after a set amount of time

PowerPoint 2013 Part Three
July 17

  • Edit the Slide Master to create a new slide layout
  • Add two more slides to the presentation
  • Insert images with alternate text
  • Add speaker's notes to slides, not accessible, but use workaround
  • Outline view
  • Thumbnail view
  • Present the slide show
  • Handouts for the audience using export to Microsoft Word
  • Use JAWS to hear speaker's notes during presentation (tips for JAWS users on how to present)

Archives of Paid Webinar Training

By popular request we are making archives of previously held paid Webinar training available for purchase. The benefits of purchasing archived training include:

  • Take the lessons any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You don't have to wait for the next live class to begin.
  • Contact the instructor with any questions by e-mail or phone.
  • Optionally, you may also take the online exams for each Webinar. Earn a score of 80% or higher and receive a certificate of completion and Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

THERE IS AN ADDED BONUS. Anyone who purchases paid archives of our training may also attend the same Webinar at no charge the next time it is held live. Meet your training needs now, and also get a free refresher course later in the year the next time the same Webinar is held. (Free attendance is limited to the next scheduled time the same Webinar is held.)

Descriptions of Paid Webinars and Archives

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