JAWS Certified Individuals

The following individuals have received official JAWS Certification from Freedom Scientific. The JAWS Certification exam has been taken more than 1300 times, with an approximate 21% passing rate. The number of questions the exam draws from has grown to over 380, from which 85 are selected at random from seven different categories, including topics such as JAWS features, installation, training materials, using JAWS to navigate and read Web pages, customizing JAWS, keyboard commands, knowledge of the Freedom Scientific Web site, and more.

Name State Country Most Recent Certificate
Aghor, Rashmi Maharashtra India December 2012
Al-thabata, Zahia TX USA November 2013
Aunspach, Daniel A. VA USA October 2012
Bahena, Geovanni IL USA October 2013
Bakhru, Chetan CA USA March 2011
Bitzer, George VA USA June 2013
Blackwell, Kellie MI USA October 2011
Blais, Catherine M. FL USA January 2013
Bobo, Bobby MD USA April 2013
Bombelyn, Jason GA USA July 2013
Boules, William AL USA November 2013
Bornsen, Gary ND USA August 2013
Bundy, David W. SC USA August 2012
Byrne, Anna IL USA April 2013
Campbell, Heather MA USA November 2013
Capobianco, Chelsea CA USA March 2012
Chrismer, Daniel GA USA July 2013
Congdon, Caroline ND USA April 2011
Cook, Steve SC USA July 2012
Cullum, Cody L. CA USA November 2013
Davis, Patrick TX USA December 2011
Davis, Tad TX USA December 2011
Dresner, Anna KS USA March 2014
Dunaway, Jill AL USA November 2013
Dunbar, Lyndon LA USA March 2014
Eddy, Randy QC Canada March 2012
Farro, Dennis AR USA August 2012
Fettgather, Jim MO USA August 2011
Fleury, Ryan BC Canada February 2013
Futrell, Dawn CA USA February 2013
Gabelli, Maurizio Roma Italy July 2013
George, Reginald WA USA October 2012
Goldsmith, Sherry CA USA May 2012
Gower, Michael BC Canada May 2011
Hackett, Connie MA USA February 2013
Hambly, Denise AB Canada January 2012
Hambly, Michael A. AB Canada January 2012
Harris, Amy SC USA March 2014
Harris, Juliannah CA USA July 2013
Holloway-Gomez, Amanda GA USA January 2014
Howell, Aaron Queensland Australia August 2011
Howell, Katherine NH USA September 2012
Hugo, David WI USA February 2014
Hunt, Paul TX USA November 2011
Jaber, Nimer AL USA September 2011
Jönsson, Karin Skåne Sweden February 2013
Joynes, James NJ USA July 2013
Jungling, Crystal NM USA October 2013
Keen, Shawn TX USA January 2012
Kelly, Jim TX USA January 2014
Kim, Chi MA USA November 2012
Knolles, Ben OK USA March 2014
Kuan, Shen CA USA February 2014
Larges, Lisa MN USA August 2012
Lule, Emiliano Albania December 2011
MacPherson, Penny FL USA June 2013
Martin, Sue W. AL USA March 2012
Mathews, Casey FL USA November 2011
McAllister, Jeanette VA USA March 2014
McKeown, John VA USA August 2011
Milledge, Jermaine MI USA September 2012
Pablo Culasso Alonso, Juan Minas Gerais Brazil May 2013
Paisios, Nektarios NY USA April 2011
Paskell, Darren Buckinghamshire United Kingdom November 2012
Pavlicek, Radek Czech Republic February 2013
Potts, Sherlene SC USA August 2013
Ravulapalli, Anandarao MD USA January 2014
Robinson, Christian ON Canada October 2011
Rodriguez, Jubilee CA USA March 2012
Rousey, Sheila GA USA September 2013
Sariyannis, Denis Baden-Württemberg Germany October 2013
Sayegh, Mary CO USA August 2011
Schaffer, Carrie AZ USA March 2012
Shanley, Joseph NY USA November 2013
Silva, Marcelo Parana Brazil September 2011
Smith, Belva IN USA January 2013
Solaun, Marissa CA USA September 2013
Song, Kimsan WA USA April 2012
Spittle, Thomas SC USA September 2013
Squally, Jonathan OR USA June 2011
Stemple, Robin PA USA March 2013
Sweetman, Robert CA USA January 2013
Tedesco, Tina NY USA January 2013
Thorn, Dick Kronoberg Sweden February 2013
Turner, William Kent TX USA March 2012
Vaca, Jesus CA USA January 2012
VanderBrink, Nancy SC USA July 2013
VanderWal, Malaina MI USA July 2012
Vormeng, Charlene MB Canada June 2012
Wempren, Allen TX USA April 2013
Wiggins, Miyuki MD USA November 2012
Wilhelm, Brett MO USA August 2012
Williams, Justin Howard SC USA April 2012
Williams, Kirtis GA USA January 2012
Wilson, Don GA USA March 2012
Yerardi, Stephen NH USA August 2013

NOTE: The individuals listed on this page have achieved JAWS Certification and purchased a JAWS Certificate, but Freedom Scientific does not make any endorsement that they are professional trainers. Passing the JAWS Certification exam guarantees that each individual above is knowledgeable about JAWS and knows where to find the different resources they may need to help others.

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