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New Training Webinars Posted for 2014

New free and paid Webinars have been posted online. Also be sure to check out our hands-on workshops in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Free Webinars

  • PDF Document Reading and Strategies with JAWS and MAGic, May 1and 2

Visit the free Webinar e-Learning page for more information or to register.

Paid Webinars

Paid Webinars through the first half of 2014 include the following:

  • Outlook 2013 with JAWS, May 22, 27, and 29, $29
  • Excel 2013 with JAWS, June 12, 17, and 19, $29
  • PowerPoint 2013 with JAWS, July 10, 15, and 17, $29

Visit the paid Webinars page for more information or to register.

Web Design and Using JAWS on the Internet

Bring greater accessibility to your Web site. Learn more about how JAWS works on the Web. Visit the updated Surf's Up Web site for examples of how to write effective HTML code and use JAWS and MAGic on the Web. Find more information on our Accessibility Tips and Web Design page, with links to free HTML tutorials, validation tools, guidelines, and other resources.

JAWS Basic Training

The Basic Training for JAWS beginning with JAWS version 13 and later is generic, and is not specific to any particular version of JAWS. The lessons teach concepts and as time goes on, both JAWS and Windows will change. Also, your computer, as well as your version of JAWS, may be configured differently than the ones used in the Basic Training. Therefore what you hear on your computer could vary slightly from what you hear in the Basic Training. For example, newer modules may use Windows 8, and some of you may still be using Windows 7 or prior versions. You should be able to follow along just fine even if there are some slight differences. If you need training for versions prior to JAWS 13, please visit the Freedom Scientific Training Archives page.

The Basic Training is available in text and audio DAISY format, as well as individual MP3 modules. See the section on FSReader 3.0 below for more information about getting the latest version of our training materials.

FSReader 3.0 Now Downloads Training Materials Automatically

FSReader is automatically installed with JAWS. It is our free DAISY book reader/player. To start FSReader, switch to the JAWS window, and then press ALT+H to open the Help menu. Then press ENTER on Training, the first item in the Help menu. FSReader opens with the table of contents showing. Use the same keys for reading that you normally do in HTML or Web page documents. You can use the JAWS list of links, list of headings, navigation quick keys, and more. Press F1 at any time to open the Getting Started with FSReader book for more help.

FSReader 3.0, newly released in JAWS 15, now gets new training materials automatically. You no longer find the training materials in the JAWS Check for Updates dialog box. Instead, when you choose a link in the table of contents of FSReader 3.0 for a DAISY book, FSReader checks to see if you have the book installed. One of three different things may happen:

  • If the book is not installed, FSReader seamlessly downloads the book, installs it, and opens it for you.
  • If the book is already installed and there is a newer version available, FSReader alerts you that there is a newer version of the book available, and then asks if you want to download it. There is also a description of what may have changed in the new book. When you choose the Yes button, FSReader downloads the book, installs it, and opens it for you. This happens automatically in the background, and is totally seamless.
  • For books that are already installed, if there are no updated versions, FSReader simply opens the book to where you last stopped reading.
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Virtual Ribbon Menus Feature

The ribbon is a new style of menu available in many new applications being released today. Ribbons first appeared in Office 2007 programs, but are now becoming more common in other applications tailored for the Windows® 7 operating system. Ribbons create an accessibility challenge due to inconsistent navigation between various groups and items. For example, the lower ribbon contains groups of icons, sometimes arranged in several rows. When you press the ARROW keys to move between items in a group, you can skip items if there is a row above or below the one you are on. When pressing the ARROW keys or TAB, no indication is given when focus leaves one group and enters another. You cannot use first letter navigation in the ribbons, because pressing keys might activate ribbon key tips. Finally, because of a group's layout, you do not know if you should navigate up, down, left, or right to select an item.

The new virtual ribbon menus feature in JAWS provides predictable navigation, lets you see everything in the ribbon, and offers consistency when navigating with the ARROW keys. For example, each group on the lower ribbon is treated as a submenu. Once you open the group submenu, you can press DOWN ARROW to move through all of the items within that group. When you reach the bottom of the items in that group, focus wraps back to the top item, and vice versa. You can also use first letter navigation in the virtual ribbon menus.

This book is recorded using Windows 7 and WordPad, but you can also follow along if you have Office 2007 or 2010 in either Windows Vista or XP.

Topics covered in this book include:

  • Differences between using the JAWS virtual ribbon menus feature as opposed to the Microsoft ribbon
  • Enabling or disabling the virtual ribbon menus feature
  • Practice exercises
  • First letter navigation in the virtual ribbon
  • Using the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) with the virtual ribbon menus

JAWS Tandem DAISY Book

Have you ever installed a software program that you wanted to show to a friend, but your friend lives across town, or maybe even in another state or country? Have you ever tried to help someone who just doesn't understand computers to accomplish a task on a computer while talking to them on the telephone? Perhaps you are interested in doing training for people but you cannot physically get to their home or office, for whatever reason. Maybe you're a consultant and one of your client's teenagers installed a new software game, which in turn caused a cascade of bad things to happen to the programs you had installed for the client originally. Do you want to do it now, without the hassle and expense of travel? Well if so, JAWS Tandem™ is for you!

JAWS Tandem is a feature that lets you access another computer running JAWS, so that you can provide hands-on technical support, write scripts from a distance, or perform remote JAWS training. It is used by support personnel, distributors, dealers, consultants, trainers, and friends. Any two people who have JAWS can connect their computers together over the Internet and accomplish any or all of the above.

Use the JAWS Check for Updates, located in the JAWS Help menu, to find this book. You can also visit the Training Downloads page to get either the Tandem DAISY book or the Tandem MP3 file.

With TypeAbility priced at $100 per copy and J-Tools priced at £45 (approximately $85 USD), this adds great value to the hands-on instruction and dynamic training one receives by coming to a training workshop in Florida.

Visit the workshop schedule page for dates and more information.

Training Department Information

The Freedom Scientific Training Department's motto is, “Power to work, power to learn, power to grow.” We have grown over the years and have created some wonderful training materials that we want to share with you. Please take advantage of all of the training information and materials we have posted here on our site. We hope you will come back often to see what is new.

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