PMA and SMA Information

A Hardware Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA) is an annual contract that entitles the owner to receive unit repairs on a covered hardware product, including parts and labor, for 12 months. The customer pays only for shipping their unit to Freedom Scientific in Florida. The PMA service contract does not cover repairs resulting from the misuse or abuse of the covered unit. PMA prices and services vary per hardware unit. Please review the product specific pricing for more information or call Freedom Scientific at 1-800-444-4443.

A Freedom Scientific Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is the most economical way to keep current with the latest versions of Freedom Scientific software. SMA holders receive two consecutive upgrades on CD-ROM at up to 50 percent off the regular upgrade price*. Additionally, they can download the upgrade directly from our Web site. SMAs are available from Freedom Scientific or your local authorized dealer and are available for currently shipping versions of software.

*Additional costs apply if an SMA is bought after the original software purchase.