TOPAZ Desktop Video Magnifier

“I love this device. The low levels of magnification are clearer than others I have seen on the market, not to mention that such low levels are not always provided. I extended my uses of it over time. Now, I never write anything without it, and I often read smaller print items than I would without it. The color contrast options are so helpful, and the brightly colored buttons help me not to have to see the pictures for what they do - I just remember what color does what. ”
- Becca H.

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Desktop Video Magnification at Its Best

The TOPAZ® desktop video magnifier provides a clear, crisp image on a 17-inch monitor or widescreen 20-, 22-, and 24-inch monitors for more magnified text on the screen. The large work surface is illuminated with long life LEDs, and the forward-mounted camera is 8.25 inches above the table, providing ample room for long sessions of reading, writing, or enjoying your favorite hobby.

Simple to Use, Yet Packed with Features

Just flip the switch to turn on the TOPAZ, and three dials are all you need for your basic video magnification functions – increase and decrease magnification, step through the enhanced color modes, and adjust brightness.

A woman dials a phone number while consulting the TOPAZ monitor with a freeze frame of 
  her finger on a phone book listing

Freeze Frame Feature

Need to reference a phone number as you dial it? Just point to it with your finger, and press the Freeze Frame button. You’ve got it fixed on the screen and both hands free for the phone.

Side view of the TOPAZ
The monitor raises and lowers
and swivels 180 degrees side to side

A couple views a magnified picture of a young boy from a photo album

Bright, true color on a TOPAZ widescreen model

Find Feature

When working at high magnification, it can be difficult to find your place on the page. The TOPAZ Find feature makes it a snap. Just press the Find button to zoom out for an overview of your page. Crosshairs make it easy to center the section of interest. Then release the button to zoom back in to your working magnification level.

TOPAZ Data Sheet (PDF)

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TOPAZ Pricing for U.S. Customers

New Lower Prices

Camera only (no monitor): $1,895

17-inch monitor (1.9x to 49x magnification): $2,595

20-inch widescreen (2.4x to 64x magnification): $2,795

22-inch widescreen (2.6x to 68x magnification): $2,995

24-inch super widescreen (2.9x to 77x magnification): $3,195

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