SAPPHIRE Handheld Video Magnifier for Low Vision - by Freedom Scientific

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On-the-Go Low Vision Reading Magnifier

Macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and other causes of vision loss no longer will prevent you from reading small print on menus, maps, receipts, pill bottles, and other items. With the battery-operated SAPPHIRE® handheld magnifier, you can magnify reading and detailed illustrations from 3.4 to 16 times on a bright, high-contrast display screen while at the store, on trips near and far, and at home as you move from room to room.

A Superior Independent Living Aid

A sliding magnification bar makes it easy to adjust and readjust the SAPPHIRE pocket magnifier to the level you need for any size type in any situation. Easily go from reading the larger type on a contract or bill to the fine print - and back again. There's no frustrating distortion and readjusting when you move the SAPPHIRE like there is with a magnifying glass.

The SAPPHIRE sits flat for document reading - and quickly flips to magnify three-dimensional objects.

Open the SAPPHIRE top to magnify three-dimensional objects. Hold prescription bottles, box or canned food labels, and other objects above the camera for a magnified reading view. Use the Freeze Frame feature to take a video snapshot, so you can take time reading without holding the object still and in place.

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Collage of the SAPPHIRE magnifying handwriting and a pill bottle label

Rotate the top of the SAPPHIRE backward for reading flat documents or books. Because the SAPPHIRE sits flat on your reading material, you won't experience hand fatigue while reading as you do with a heavy magnifying glass, and there's no shaking.

Elevate the SAPPHIRE with its built-in writing stand, and you have space to work under the camera with a small tool or the writing end of a pen or pencil. See your notes, letters, and checks magnified as you write them.

Ready to Go

The SAPPHIRE electronic optical enhancement device (EOED) is ready to travel with its included carrying case.

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GSA Schedule Contract #GS-35F-0265X
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SAPPHIRE Pricing for U.S. Customers

SAPPHIRE Portable Video Magnifier: $1,195
One-year Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA): $190

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